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  1. 2016 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 35DK is my rig. I sent a request to Wholesale Warranties for a quote to see what they offer. I prefer the peace of mind in the warranty and have used them in the past, often. I had to replace the rear end in my first rig and that paid for the entire warranty. Good Sam was my first and had reasonable experience with them however, their costs are up there these days. Had Cornerstone when I got this 2016 HR but it is expiring and their renewal $$ is insane. PS: Thanks for the welcome wildebill308
  2. So my Cornerstone Extended Service plan expires in March 2021. I bought it with my '16 HR Vacationer from General RV. It was all they had and I learned Cornerstone is not the greatest. They reject more than the pay for, but I really used it anyway. Went back to General for a quote to extend & had to take a nitro pill to stop my heart attack....$10K for 5 yrs w/$200 deductible. Got a quote from Good Sam for $800/yr w/$1K deductible. American's RV Warranty quoted an exclusionary 5 yr w/$100 deduct @ $4800. Called General RV to ask if they even took American's RV Warranty and they said..."yes, but they are real hard to deal with and reject a lot of claims". So is that true or is General just trying to get me to buy their Cornerstone policy again???? So my questions is...knowing that everyone has different experiences with different companies....Which warranty company can you trust, if any? Or should I say...Which one can you trust the most? If you ask Mr. Google about reviews, you find a lot of articles and sales pitches, but not a lot of real reviews. Hope I am not duplicating someone else's post, but there were so many I simply didn't take the time to go through them all......Thanks to anyone who can offer some advice
  3. Great ideas.....never thought of either place to do this type of work. Will have to give it a try......Thanks a bunch !
  4. We are in Florida and have to set up our new Focus as our Toad. I would like to buy everything off the internet to save a ton on the cost....however......where do you get it all installed? I use Blue Ox equipment and we tried to have the Blue Ox authorized dealer install our own purchased equipment before with very poor results. Basically they tell you...You buy it from us and we will install it or the install price goes through the roof. Does anyone know of a reputable shop that does this type of work in the Tampa/Orlando area? I don't mind paying for an honest days work but to have to pay someone 40 to 60% mark-up on the equipment and then the install is tough to swallow...........Happy New Year and safe travels !!!!!
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