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  1. I have a 2005 motorhome with a Winegard SK 1000 Travler satellite dish which is probably just as old. The AZ assembly is getting stuck and Winegard says they don't support this vintage of the SK1000 with parts anymore. I can get a really cheap price on an SKA-733 which is a Shaw branded version that appears virtually identical mechanically. I'm thinking of taking the motor and gears out of the 733 to repair my 1000, but Winegard wants no part of saying whether this will work. Given that the units look identical, does anyone want to venture an opinion of the probability the mechanical parts are interchangeable?See it here:https://tinyurl.com/y35dqmbxThanksJoe
  2. The requested information about the type of antifreeze added by the repair shop is here: https://www.safety-kleen.com/products/antifreeze-coolants It's manufactured by SafetyKleen and is called Khamelion.
  3. Can anyone comment on the efficacy of this (https://www.lubegard.com/products/heavy-duty-2-in-1-coolant-treatment/#section2) coolant additive product from LubeGard in cases like mine (above thread) ? It seems to come highly reviewed as an effective supplement that reduces corrosion/pitting and prevents slimy deposits. Is it an acceptable substitute for SCA additives? Joe
  4. I found the invoice from the shop. It indicates "ELC coolant from tank". So, even though it's green, it appears to be the right stuff after all.
  5. Thanks guys, I have some test strips on order. If they indicate correctly, and/or I add SCAs as needed, will I be OK for about a 500 mile trip I have upcoming, or does damage occur faster than that? I think I'm going to drain, flush, clean and refill in the Spring before my planned 3500 mile annual outing unless there's a more urgent requirement. I'm looking at a product called Lubegard Heavy Duty Coolant Treatment. Purports to prevent many of the issues discussed here. Seems to get good reviews. Comments? Joe
  6. I know this is an old thread, but it's recently pertinent for me. My rig is a 2005 HR Ambassador with Cummins 330 engine. Recently, while on about a 300 mile trip towing a Jeep Liberty, the engine began overheating when going up long moderate grades in 90 deg heat. About 2/3 way into the trip, the water pump gave out and a hose blew. We had it towed to a big rig truck center for repairs. They replaced the bad components & the radiator cap and advised me that the coolant reservoir showed a small leak around the filler neck when pressure tested. I drove it home 120 miles with the Jeep in tow with no problems, albeit only 75 deg air temperature that day. This weekend I replaced the overflow tank, but in the process lost a couple gallons of coolant which was green in color. When I purchased supplemental coolant, I got Final Charge ELC, not knowing at the time that there might be compatibility questions to be asked. My questions are: 1 Should I be concerned about the green color antifreeze they put in (it was a large diesel truck shop). 2 Are there any concerns about the 2 gallons of ELC (red) that I added? 3 Would test-strip testing be appropriate and what to do if it comes up short? Thanks Joe
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