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  1. The requested information about the type of antifreeze added by the repair shop is here: https://www.safety-kleen.com/products/antifreeze-coolants It's manufactured by SafetyKleen and is called Khamelion.
  2. Can anyone comment on the efficacy of this (https://www.lubegard.com/products/heavy-duty-2-in-1-coolant-treatment/#section2) coolant additive product from LubeGard in cases like mine (above thread) ? It seems to come highly reviewed as an effective supplement that reduces corrosion/pitting and prevents slimy deposits. Is it an acceptable substitute for SCA additives? Joe
  3. I found the invoice from the shop. It indicates "ELC coolant from tank". So, even though it's green, it appears to be the right stuff after all.
  4. Thanks guys, I have some test strips on order. If they indicate correctly, and/or I add SCAs as needed, will I be OK for about a 500 mile trip I have upcoming, or does damage occur faster than that? I think I'm going to drain, flush, clean and refill in the Spring before my planned 3500 mile annual outing unless there's a more urgent requirement. I'm looking at a product called Lubegard Heavy Duty Coolant Treatment. Purports to prevent many of the issues discussed here. Seems to get good reviews. Comments? Joe
  5. I know this is an old thread, but it's recently pertinent for me. My rig is a 2005 HR Ambassador with Cummins 330 engine. Recently, while on about a 300 mile trip towing a Jeep Liberty, the engine began overheating when going up long moderate grades in 90 deg heat. About 2/3 way into the trip, the water pump gave out and a hose blew. We had it towed to a big rig truck center for repairs. They replaced the bad components & the radiator cap and advised me that the coolant reservoir showed a small leak around the filler neck when pressure tested. I drove it home 120 miles with the Jeep in tow with no problems, albeit only 75 deg air temperature that day. This weekend I replaced the overflow tank, but in the process lost a couple gallons of coolant which was green in color. When I purchased supplemental coolant, I got Final Charge ELC, not knowing at the time that there might be compatibility questions to be asked. My questions are: 1 Should I be concerned about the green color antifreeze they put in (it was a large diesel truck shop). 2 Are there any concerns about the 2 gallons of ELC (red) that I added? 3 Would test-strip testing be appropriate and what to do if it comes up short? Thanks Joe
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