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  1. Last post was great, made a lot of sense and now I may feel better about towing it. I will take the time to remove the plus wire, and some how may make a Neg cut or switch also so the battery is 100% out. also like the wiring notes. bob
  2. So glad to find this topic on the Ford Focus in regards to the breakaway from a brake buddy. How about using a wire from the disconnected battery in the car, and just run it to one of the disconnected 12volt plugs in the car. Then they are the only 12 volts in the car and should not be able to feed back anything. That way the breakway could work and the breakbuddy is powered. Of course that's after pulling the 12 volt cables from the battery. Your just using the onboard battery for the breakbuddy. I will be setting up my 2014 in the spring and love finding out all the stuff everyone post. I will use the Roadmaster kit. Thanks, Bob
  3. I have a 2014 Focus, and they say to remove the NEG cable. But read that if you just add a charge line to the car from the motorhome you don't need to do this. I have asked why from Ford and they don't know why. Does anyone know what the reason is? and if you need to do it anyway? Also, the neg cable is easy to remove as it is just a bolt on the frame right in front of you above the battery. It is best to get a marine battery shut off switch (about 25 dollars) and put it in line with the cable and then you never have to use any tools just switch it off and on as needed. It will sit right on the cover of the battery. I sure would like to know what the best way is and not have to run 12V to the inside for a brake unit as if the cable is off, the 12v plug is dead. Thanks, Bob
  4. I have done the same thing in the past, oil base is good. I used a foam roller as it leaves few lines Just clean and tape it off. go for it.
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