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  1. Well lol hope your ready for this .... took wall sensor cover off in bed room and the thermostat wire was back behind the wall I was able to fish it out. Turned furnace on and **** if it didn’t cycle on and off to the temperature set at. Guess it wasn’t getting a true reading behind the wall !!! Anyway I secured the wire so it can’t fall back into the wall again replaced the cover and we’re good to go want to thank you for your help and time on this problem !!

  2. Okay guys first thanks so much for all your interest and support in this problem!!  I did replace the ATS. and now everything operates as it should. Took the old ATS apart and the contacts were not fused together . WFCO the  Manufacturers tech support said it it was the computer board that's bad since the buss bar had power on the in and exit side of the bar at the generator connection.Hope that makes  sence. Thanks again for your help 

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