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  1. Thanks guys I'll check the level in the up position and also research the manufactor
  2. Sooo guys what's the best way to check hoo fluid level with the jacks up in the stored position or the jacks down stablizing the Dp coach
  3. So guys is it best to check hyd fluid level on DP with jacks in the up stored position or when they are down stabilising the coach
  4. Will check that also thanks ......sooo topped off fluid level and ran jacke through a few cycles and the jack down light went off!!! Thanks to all who responded
  5. Dp coach air drained down ignition in acc position turn on power to levellers and jack down light is on I physically checked and jacks are up it will let me manually drop down the jacks was wondering if maybe the the system needs to somehow be reset
  6. Ignition in acc mode jacks are up and power button is on jack down light is on and jacks won’t extend in auto mode but will manually any suggestions how to correct this problem
  7. Okay guys first thanks so much for all your interest and support in this problem!! I did replace the ATS. and now everything operates as it should. Took the old ATS apart and the contacts were not fused together . WFCO the Manufacturers tech support said it it was the computer board that's bad since the buss bar had power on the in and exit side of the bar at the generator connection.Hope that makes sence. Thanks again for your help
  8. With the generator running and hooked to shore power the ATS makes a click sound and a little green light comes on the circuit board in about 30 seconds but the coach stays on shore power so I'm thinking it is the circuit board.i also tapped the mount the board is on a few times thinking if the contacts were stuck shut this might free the contacts up but that didn't happen thanks for your help.
  9. Don't know but when I switched gen lines to shore power lugs on bus bar I had full power in coach so the contacts must be fused together not allowing the switch to go from shore to generator
  10. So I disconnected the land line wires at the transfer switch and wired the generator line wires from the transfer switch into land line connection started up generator and have full power to coach so I'm thinking the switch is stuck in the land line position and not switching over to the generator position when it's started up ?? Any thoughts
  11. Ok guys an update on this topic.. Mechanic friend stopped by to acess the generator problem. Generator is producing electricity back to ats the lines back there are hot on both sides of the buss bar but no electricity into coach. Again everything works fine when plugged into land line any ideas ??
  12. Ok guys I'll have it looked at by cummins asap will be a little while before I can get there the wife just had rotator cuff surgery earlier this week just want to thank everyone for their time and imput on this topic/problem
  13. Today I checked the 35 amp breaker mounted on the generator with it running and there is no power to the breaker
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