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  1. Bosun

    Curves, anyone?

    Nice! Mighty nice! Patrick
  2. Bosun


    I like this rule, added it to my short list.... Patrick
  3. Bosun

    Hamming on the Road from KE3HAY

    I always have my HT and rubber ducky in the rig alway. I try to get on the air when I can. 73 Patrick KE4TQV
  4. Bosun

    Hanging out at Marfa Lights

    Interesting, I’ve been thinking of a trip out to Fort Davis, TX and Marfa is nearby. Maybe I will see something... To bad it’s 1500 miles from home. But the next time we are in the Beaumont area visiting family, I might head over that way. Patrick, Semper Paratus
  5. Bosun

    Women Driving their A Classes

    My wife is a commercial motor coach driver when she decides to work (says she’s to busy visiting grandkids to take any trips lately). She has given me many pointers on proper driving techniques (mostly when getting fuel so I don’t wipe out the pumps with the rear end). We share the driving. I usually drive in the morning and she takes the wheel after lunch so I can find a campground. She is real good at backing in. Patrick Semper Paratus
  6. “Living life like someone left the gate open!” Patrick
  7. Bosun

    Wisconsin to Florida in mid November 2017

    If you are passing thru South Carolina, some of the best BBQ will be at "Scotts Variety". It is a small family operation that has been featured on national TV shows. It is located in Hemingway, SC. Be sure to take a walk out back into their smoke house. Talk about good! Sounds like a nice trip planned, enjoy and be safe. Patrick Semper Paratus
  8. My wife and I decided to boondock (or actually dry camp) at my uncle's place near Prosperity, SC in the path of eliplse totality. The eclipse was just as wonderful as widely reported, something we will never forget. This was our first real dry camping adventure for one night in our new MH. I was pleasantly surprised that my wife slept soundly at the noise of the generator located almost under our bed on our gas MH. We had to run the generator all day and night for A/C as the temperature was in the upper 90's. This is encouraging as we plan on more boondocking in the future. I'm looking forward to some more boondocking adventures in Oct as I attend some four wheel drive Jeep rides in the North Carolina mountains. I hope we only have to run the generator for battery recharging. Patrick Semper Paratus
  9. I'm outfitting my 2016 Jeep Wrangle 2 door Rubicon as a toad. I'm looking into a easy plug and play tail light system. I would like to hear from anyone using a "Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit". Thanks, Patrick
  10. Bosun

    Amateur Radio and Motor Homes

    KE3HAY, I also want to hook up a 2 meter rig in my MH. I like the idea of putting an antenna on the latter. Do you have any pictures you can show us of your antenna mounts and what antenna you use for 2 meter? I just run with a HT for now. Having the mobile unit hooked up in the MH would be great for those evening nets while at the rv park(s). Thanks, 73 Patrick KE4TQV
  11. We are lucky enough to live about 30 miles from totality and plan to drive to my uncles place near Lake Murray in South Carolina. As there will be a few family members traveling in from other states, we are making a long weekend event at his house. We plan on dry camping on his property. I did order some viewing glasses a while back on the cheap. I've seen a deduction of the cost from my bank account but no glasses yet. I'm going to see what's available locally if they don't show up soon! Patrick Semper Paratus
  12. Bosun

    Fries New River Trail RV Park

    No hooks that I know of. The owner retired some 7 years ago and started building this RV park. There are very nice level, spacious sites, all hookups including cable TV. Some sites have decks overlooking the creek. It is a very relaxing place to hang out, ride a bike on the wonderful trail, fish and catch some local bluegrass music. This camp ground is at the top of our list and we plan on going back when we can. Patrick Semper Paratus
  13. Beautiful rig! Enjoy! Patrick Semper Paratus
  14. This is not your typical RV park. It only has 16 sites, with a creek running though it. The park owner, Tom will help set up and brings muffins to enjoy! Located near the Virginia New River Trail State park. Over 50 mile trail for bicycle, horse or walking along the New River. Lots of Bluegrass music venues in the area. Give it a try! Patrick Simper Paratus
  15. Bosun

    Vote To Allow Towables Into FMCA

    I joined the FMCA just a few months ago. I've owned TT in the past, now I'm a owner of a new MH. I received an email yesterday reminding me that in my welcome package from FMCA is a coupon for $10 off, complete with a picture of a cap with the traditional FMCA logo we are all familiar with. So I go to the FMCA store to look at maybe oderering a cap and there are only three styles available that have only FMCA letters printed with no traditional goose egg logo. I looked at the other clothing available and most of the inventory has only FMCA letters. No motor coach on our logo? The handwriting is on the wall........