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  1. this aint no sh*t, one time while stationed aboard the tender in Kingsbay Ga., coming off a port and report rotation for a one week "evolution", the port duty section decided to all go out to the bar. The bar maid was a really good looking sweet little blonde southern belle named Trish. one of our single shipmates really took a liking to her and was hitting on her hard. After about two hours most of us had just about our fill of liquid carbs and were ready to get home, it was a long a week of port and report and most of had wives and families we hadn't seen in that time. Our single shipmate gave it one last try to get a date with the bar maid. The bar maid had enough at this point and had the bouncer eject our party. After being escorted to the parking lot I turned to our forlorn shipmate and tell him " Silly sailor, everyone knows that Trish aren't for squids".
  2. Robert Oliver MM1/SS 1985-1992 USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641) USS Canopus AS-34 Just found license plate frames for my toad with my boat number and installed them. then found USS Canopus license plate frames and ordered them for my motor coach. Now my toad and rig are going to be the tender with the boat tied up along side ready for auxiliaries and weapons load.
  3. After doing a bit more research, talking to a few people in the RV park and at the service with the ready brake I've decided I'll go that route with the ready brute tow bar. It works out a bit less that route than using a Brake buddy, Patriot or a road master invisibrake.
  4. Lots of systems from brake buddy, blue ox patriot, roadmaster invisibrake, SMI ect. search camping world for supplemental brake systems, get some parts catalogues from local rv dealership go through those. I'm considering a NSA ReadyBrute Elite tow bar that comes with a surge brake that gets installed by cable to the dinghy's brakes
  5. Anyone use a NSA Brute Force Elite Tow Bar? I'm considering that because it has a surge brake included, no need to buy a separate toad braking system. I know the surge brake uses the toad's brakes. Can find all kinds of information on blue ox, roadmaster and demco but nothing on the NSA tow bar.
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