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  1. I have used it since we ordered our new Winnebago 2011 Winnebago with full body paint coach and love it . Also we have been in rv resorts that do not allow washing your coach . This is where it pays off to have this system. It was first used in Denver to wash air planes down because of water being scarce or something like that .If your coach is really dirty you still have to wash it the old fashioned way with soap and water. Also as other posters have said do not use on Windows the film from the wax is hard to get off .It is a great deal and at most big rallies there will be a guy selling it and having a class to show how great it is . You use to buy it by the gallon but now you can get it in a smaller bottle that does one gallon. I have had the same gallon jug for about 4 years .
  2. We are on our second Sightseer our first one a 2003 30 B and had it for 4 years . We liked it so much we ordered a 2011 Sightseer 35 J full Body paint and most all the options. We have put on 30,000 miles on our new coach and still love it after 6 years. We pull a suv behind it and after getting the new coach bugs worked out it has been a great coach.We thought of upgrading to an Adventure but now the Sightseer is the top of the line . We are happy with our coach at at 36 ft would not want to go bigger. If you go on Winnebago site you can download the books on line for free. Hope this helps.
  3. We have a 36 ft Winnebago with the Ford rail and it has a 5,000 pound hitch and the Equinox is around 3,900 to 4,100 pounds so with a good tow package we have Roadmaster you should be good to go.
  4. 6,000 miles a year 2006 Trailblazer 64,000 miles Road Master Tow bar and Even Break Stop around 4 hrs maybe 6 hrs 62mph sweet spot for Ford V10 Looking at trading for a Malibu . What changed from 2012 to 2013 on the Malibu that you can no longer tow it 4 down did they change the auto to a 5 speed again .
  5. ct78barnes


    You do not loose any money till you sell your coach.I am not a full timer but bought my first new motorhome last May and I could go and check every day on rv trader and look to see how much my coach is worth today.But life is short and there are better things to worry about .I have traveled by RVs since 1994 and have some great memories with my kids that money could never buy.I love to travel in a motorhome and have since 2004.It is just me and the wife now and we going to places that we went went with the kids years ago. Also New places like this year we went to the Outer Banks, Willliamsburg and Gulf Coast in Alabama.We are snowed in hear in Ohio and coach in storage till the end of March . We are planning on visiting our daughter in Myrtle Beach for a week at the end of March . These forms are a great way to get through the winter.
  6. Thanks for all the information we are on the road again and have tree in the way tonight what a waste of 36 dollars a month. I think I will have to get one of those tripods so I can get service where ever we are. Thanks again.
  7. We just got a new coach and ordered it with a crank up dish with only one LNB .We can get 110 most of the time but we do not get all of our stations in our package. Are old coach had Direct TV and only one Sat to aim at. Had I had known how good the new TV with new bat wing ant would work I would not have ordered a dish on top at all. Is this my only option I like the Dish pay as you go as we are not full timers and if we do not need the service we just do not pay the bill and they just shut it off. If Direct had a RV services like that I would go back to them. I do not want to poke a lot of new holes in the roof of my new coach to install a dule LNB but the ones you can set out side look nice but not 600 hundred dollars nice. Any advice you can give me would be great.
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