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  1. Different world here. Have a LPG unit Aqua Hot. Runs great and I also run unit once a month. But, no matter how great we do things break. Unit's burner would not come on right when this latest cold weather came in north Texas. Locally RV Service guy not familiar with LPG units. So, off to NIRVC in Lewisville, Texas. Found out there is a fuse in the unit on the Burner Card. Also, that Aqua Hot had a Technical Service Bulletin to replace the Buck Boost (like I know what this is). Since Aqua Hot identify this is a part replacement all cost is owner. I get it, call it a REPLACEMENT PART and not a DEFECTIVE PART. Get it.

    New Front Tires

    Have been having problem with the ride on my 2016 Entegra. Had Goodyear 295's. After much research found this, that tire weight is important. Never knew. The Goodyear is a 90 pound tire and is lite compared to other 295 tires. Changed to Toyo tires which weight over 130 pounds. Unbelievable improvement in ride and handling. Also installed Super Steer Motion Control Units front and rear. Greatly reduced sway and body roll, especially when driving in and out of driveways and uneven road surfaces.
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