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  1. I am in Fla. where roof rats are prevalent and have them in my motor coach ceiling according to the exterminator. Because of the limited space in the ceiling area, it is impossible to get snap traps in any area. Also, the only access to the ceiling area is to remove a light fixture and installation to put sticky traps and poison. I do not like the idea of poison because of the stink, but what choice does one have? With a mirror I can see some damage to the A/C duct work already, let alone to wiring. Does anyone have any ideas as how to rid the coach of rats? I know there is probably major damage in the ceiling area if not other areas. Looking for ideas from anyone. High frequency transmitters appear to be ineffective according to the research I've done.
  2. Thank for the comments, techs coming this week, will advise the outcome.
  3. Have a 2007 Monaco Diplomat, 40 ft,quad slide with 2 A/C's. The front A/C will drip from the return air grill only when I leave the fans on high and cooling. It has to run several hours before the dripping starts. I've tightened the four mounting bolts twice. Not wanting to over tighten and damage the unit, wondering if this is a seal on the roof that needs replacing? Unit functions perfectly when auto fan is used, but during humid weather we use the fan on high to avoid freezing the unit. Would these DuoTherm units possibly have a drain tube that might be plugged? Filters are clean, units are clear of any debris under the hoods.
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