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  1. I'm trying to get warranty work done on my 2021 Phaeton at an 'authorized' dealer. These guys are taking forever (9 weeks and counting) to repair mostly minor items. I do have an issue with the middle ac that they've supposedly identified. They've estimated 3 weeks to receive the part. I've heard that warranty work takes a back seat to non-warranty, due to the fact authorized dealers don't make as much on warranty repairs. Anyone else run into this type of foot-dragging?? We'd like to get back on the road; quite frustrating... Thanks
  2. I'm looking at buying another RV and wanted to check the units VIN for any recorded history. Does anyone have a recommendation for how best to do this?? Any help is appreciated.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. I know these guys charge $140/hr also for repairs. So will look at other options. Herman, who is HWH?
  4. My Monaco Diplomat is in a repair shop getting serviced for a couple of minor issues. After six weeks, I get a call from the service rep, saying I have two leaky hydraulic fluid lines and a bad pressure regulator, on my slide-out system. I'm wondering if there is a fluid reservoir (maybe on the hydraulic pump) I can check to see if I've lost fluid. Like I stated, it took 6 weeks before they noticed a leak. I've had this coach for more than 3 years and have never seen a leak of any kind. I plan to go into this place soon to review what they've found. I'd love to know if there's something I can check to see the current fluid level. Any advice is most appreciated.
  5. There is a small rubber strip attached to the wall of my Monaco Diplomat, that runs around the slide-outs. It's about a quarter inch wide. One section, about 3 inches long, is hanging loose from the exterior wall. I want to glue this back into place, but am wondering if there's a particular type of adhesive that should be used. I don't want to damage the finish. Any thoughts out there? Feedback is greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks to all for the inputs. It sounds like when in doubt, pop the top on a cold one
  7. This sounds similar to a problem I have with my shower. I have hot water but no cold. There appears to be an access panel on the bedroom wall, in the vicinity of the shower's on/off valve. But since I'm new to the RV lifestyle, I'm reluctant to start digging into things. This panel I refer to has four small screws holding it in place. And as I said, it's on the opposite side of the wall, at the approximate height of the shower's water valve. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any input is appreciated. An RV newbie
  8. Anyone know the part number for the porch light bulb in a 2013 Monaco diplomat 43dft?
  9. thank you for the info. my manual says there's a 25 amp fuse for this but don't see one identified for the step. I do however see a couple other fuses with 'step' in the title. So will check these.
  10. Is it difficult to isolate the problem and repair? Can I manually retract the steps?
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