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  1. Ouch, that must have hurt, and it looks like it left a mark. My condolences for Barney. Good thing the dump truck wasn't going much faster or it could have really been a mess. One piece of advise, have the frame on your MH check for bending or buckeling, seeing as how the tow hook up was bent. Those things take a lot to bend.
  2. Count me in, although we won't be available for get togethers except in the summer till 2012.
  3. pianodan and better half, thank you and your wife for your service. I did some time with the river rats in the mekcong delta back in 72 flying off of monitors supporting seal teams doing S&D missions.
  4. Hey, Coastie, thank you for your service. I have a very good friend that is the commander of USCGC Maro Bay based out of New Londom Connecticut. He just got promoted to LTCMDR and will be watered (what ever that means, must be somthing like getting pinned) next month.
  5. I bought mine last year new, cost about $800 with the base plates. Check Ebay, craigslist, or any of the RV for sale sites for prices on used ones.
  6. First of all, WELCOME to the FMCA forum and FMCA. I removed the TV from the front of my coach this year and had the same issues. Are there any caps that might be covering screws on the front or side or bottom of the front wooden frame? These just pry off and you can remove the screws, I had a bunch in mine. Is there maybe a side access panel? Post some pictures and let us take a look. You might also consider posting your question on other forums. Between FMCA.com's and others, you should be able to get your problem resolved.
  7. State and county parks that previously were protected from litigation through recreational immunity, no longer are if they charge people to visit the recreation area or campground. In fact, someone already has filed a notice of an intent to sue Coos County over a park injury. "We are going to have to scrutinize closely if we decide we want a fee area," Coos County Parks Director Larry Robison said. "It may no longer be cost effective to charge a fee if the revenue generated doesn't cover potential suits." Recreational immunity protects landowners, whether public or private, who allow people to use their land for recreational purposes for free. If an owner doesn't charge, that person or agency isn't liable for injuries. http://www.theworldlink.com/articles/2009/...18378903158.txt
  8. Welcome to FMCA and the forums. I looked at the Sportscoach and decided on the Beaver. Here is a good place to get reviews that come from owners. It is worth the money, I used them and am glad I did. http://www.rv.org/ Thank you for your service. Check out the Veterans folder for Veterans issues and just good natured banter.
  9. Release No. 12-01-09 Dec. 2, 2009 Golden anniversary for chief master sergeant rank by Bryan D. Carnes Air Force Materiel Command Public Affairs WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (AFRNS) -- Chief master sergeants were not a part of the Air Force's enlisted structure when the service was formed in 1947. It took 11 years until the rank was created. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment by Air Force officials of the chief master sergeant rank, adding another important chapter to the Air Force's enlisted heritage. The need to create the chief master sergeant rank was forged from the technology that World War II produced. In the attempt to end the war as quickly as possible, officials in the United States, along with those of other countries, dedicated teams of scientists and engineers to create the most advanced war-winning capabilities possible. While the U.S. military was fighting the war in Africa, Europe and Asia, U.S. researchers were producing the most advanced technology ever seen. The emergence of faster aircraft, bombers, advanced electronics, radar systems and missiles were on the rise. With the growth of aviation during the war, President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 creating the U.S. Air Force. It was Sept. 18, 1947, that the Air Force became a separate entity which "shall include aviation forces both combat and service not otherwise assigned." It was not until after the Korean War, however, that Air Force officials realized that the enlisted corps suffered from stagnation in rank. Master sergeant, or E-7, was the highest enlisted rank a person could achieve. It was then that Congress enacted the Career Compensation Act of 1958. The act allowed Air Force officials, and those from other uniformed services, to create two new ranks, senior master sergeant, or E-8, and chief master sergeant, or E-9. Air Force personnel officials conducted an in-depth study of all Air Force specialty codes and organized the career fields into highly technical, technical and non-technical fields. It was decided that 1 percent of the master sergeants from the highly technical fields would be promoted to chief master sergeant. This is still true today, as only 1 percent of the enlisted force at any given time reach the rank of chief master sergeant. There were 58,000 master sergeants which qualified for promotion to either of the two grades. A promotion board was held to review records and look for demonstrated leadership and supervisory skills, evaluations and commander recommendations. Of those, 625 Airmen were selected to become chief master sergeants. Since there were no line numbers at the time, they all were promoted on the same day, Dec. 1, 1959, becoming the Air Force's charter chiefs. The rank has flourished since 1959, earning the respect of all other services and ranks. During the 1970s, Air Staff officials made "chief" the official term of address for an E-9. One of the original charter chiefs, retired Chief Master Sgt. James J. Flaschenriem, wrote, "The chief does not manage by fear or intimidation as the old first sergeant did, but by knowledge, training and great leadership ability." (Courtesy of Air Force Print News)
  10. I don't have that kind of resume but I'll say welcome to the forum. My wife is also a teacher and will be retiring in 2012 after which we will be going fulltime. See you in a campground somewhere sometime.
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