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  1. Hello Everyone, We are planning on making a trip from Los Angeles to Olympic National Park and back. First stop will be Lake Tahoe September 8, 2016 for a wedding then onward. How long should we allow? What are must see sites? Where should we stay, we prefer full hookups, but don't mind boondocking. Should we tow a toad/Dinghy or rent a car at various locations? Does anyone already have an itinerary they are willing to share? What are the gochas on this trip. If you only had 14 days to make the trip, and starting from Lake Tahoe on the third day, what would be the recommended itinerary to insure I get back to Los Angeles on the 14th day? (I can maybe throw in another 4 - 5 days, but I want to use those for time off work at Christmas). Well let's see where this will take us and I have a ton of questions, so let's get the conversation started. If you made this trip, we love to hear your advice. Thanks everyone who will participate in this conversation, for all your help and advice, Joel and Darla
  2. Why "Sleepy Hollow Farm Campground" vs staying at the event? Do you need a toad to get to the event from Sleepy Hollow? How far in advance do you make your reservation?
  3. Yes, 2017. We have to plan well in advance for finances and time off work.
  4. Anyone going to Oshkosh EAA AirVenture 2017? Our first Rally, we are coming from Southern California. We will be making it a 3 week trip, enjoying the sites going and coming. Any advise/suggestions?
  5. We will be driving from Southern CA to Oakland for New Year's and the Raiders vs. Ravens Game. We have a few questions about making this trip: What are the driving conditions in Northern CA this time of year? Where would be a good place to stay, that has full hookups? What to do for New Years Eve? What is there to do around Oakland this time of year? What to look out for? Any advice and suggestions? Thanks, Joel
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