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  1. We looked at most of the dollies a few years back and finally ordered the King of the hill a DEMCO Kar Kaddy SS. The best price I could find was through PLP Motorhomes in Texas. At the time we lived in Fresno, CA so they shipped it via truck to our then home. I was surprised as anybody when the huge crate came un-assembled. Once unloaded the crate barely fit into my garage. We put the whole thing together. The instructions were great. We had a few calls to DEMCO customer service, but we got it assembled and have had many tow's with it and no problems at all. Yes it is the best and most expensive, but in my book you get what you pay for. We are towing a Lexus SUV and it goes right on down the road.
  2. Thanks Tbutler...I'll check 'em out. Dennis
  3. We have a 2007 Pace Arrow 36D. The radio that came in the coach is a Magnadyne. I cannot find anyone to service this non-working radio. I have read online the reviews of Magnadyne and found nothing too complimentary. The one dealer listed in my area says he has terminated any relationship with Magnadyne due to their lousy customer service and warranty policy. He said he knew of no one in the city of 600,000 who will touch the unit. All that being said ... I need a radio and as usual it comes down what will work and who can I trust. The opening for this radio is 3.6" x 7" opening and the unit is 7.3 inches deep. Has anyone had experience with this and do you have any suggestions where I can find a comparable replacement? Dennis Hunt
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