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  1. I would like to attend the convention in Minot this year. We are in Mississippi. Can anyone give me some advice as to what RV parks would be good enroute? We will go through Memphis, St. Louis, Minneapolis and will be about 24 hours driving (1550 miles). This will be our first time to the northern states. From Minot, I will be traveling to Bend Oregon. Thanks for any info you have.
  2. I will soon have right lower leg amputated. Any comments from current amputees, what problems to expect, advice. I don't want to give up my 35ft class A.
  3. Man, I have read all your comments and don't know what to think. Just bought a used 2008 Allegro and was thinking about a comprehensive mechanical breakdown insurance by GS. Would cost me about $1300 a year ($500 deduct), including tire protection. If the products with GS/CW aren't any good, what are some alternatives? Only have 18K miles, so don't really expect too many problems even though 9 years old. Someone mentioned FMCA; do they have a reliable plan? I want to do my homework before throwing good money after bad service. I appreciate all you have gone through and your forthcoming wisdom. Retired and ready to roll....
  4. (1)Steve Tramill from Mississippi. (2)US Army from 1968 to 1977. (4) CWO-2. (5) MOS 100bc. (6) Basic at Ft. Ord, CA, flight school at Mineral Wells TX, Ft. Hunter-Stewart GA, then flew Hueys in Viet Nam (4/69 - 4/70) 101st Airborne, Camp Eagle, Camp Nancy), Korea (Camp Stanley), Ft. Rucker, Ft. Polk (136th Avn Air Amb.) Was RIFFed out in 1977. Got smart and went to Medical School. Now retiring this year after 28 years in medicine. Dad was career Navy and had two brothers also served. Just joined the ranks of RV'rs. Plan to be in Indianapolis.
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