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  1. Thanks, Smitty. Taking the unit to a certified facility Wed. for this and a diagnosis on a stubborn "Service Engine Soon" code.
  2. Thanks for all of your thoughtful suggestions and questions. I have found a local technician who will diagnose and/or troubleshoot the issue this week. I did disconnect the + battery terminal and reset the yellow "check engine soon" light - but within 10 miles, it came on again. I will call the help line to try and relieve some of my anxiety about driving a distance for repair if this new tech I found can't get to repaired. I am so grateful to you all for your insights.
  3. Bill: Thanks for your advice. The shop owner only said that he could not clear the code and that tracing the wires in the harness was the only means to find a resolution. I have found a Ford dealer in an area where I already had an obligation They do service Motorhome chassis. I will deliver it to them. It's 130 miles. Hope I make it there without damage. Thanks again.
  4. I have a 2000 Pace Arrow with the V10 6.8l engine matched to their standard auto transmission At operating temperature and idling on an upgrade, when I accelerate the transmission slips momentarily before it catches. I don't notice any other problems with shifting or other normal driving. My local technician has indicated that the speed sensors are OK. The fluid level is normal. The only other indication of an issue is that the light on the end of the gearshift blinks when I back into the garage. It does not blink in "drive". I would appreciate and sound advice on resolving this issue.
  5. There is no certified factory tech or Fleetwood dealership within two hours of my location. I have located a Ford dealership 90 miles away that services the Ford Motorhome chassis.
  6. We own a 2000 Pace Arrow V-10 that needs to last us until we retire from motorhoming, a lifestyle we began in 1978. This is our third unit. My technican cannot locate the cause of a "check engine" light. None of the codes he tries will clear the problem. This is the second such instance, with another wire, occurring a year or more apart. He says it will be necessary to trace EVERY wire in the harness to locate what he feels is a short, and then run a redundant wire to fix the issue. He estimates a cost of $500-$1500 for this fix. I seldom see a fix come in on the low end. Resetting the light is temporary. I don't want to drive the unit with an active code and risk damaging the engine or exhaust system. Can anyone provide me with some alternatives that may resolve this problem?
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