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  1. So long Good Sam Club Number 2 (also known as FMCA)--I will not renew my membership when it comes up for renewal in March due to the results of this vote. I am already a member of the Good Sam Club and don't need to duplicate my membership in another organization (GSC#2) with the same goals. Actually membership in GSC is better than FMCA since I get the Pilot Flying J diesel fuel discount, discounts at Camping World, and discounts at a heck of a lot of campgrounds across the United States of America; FMCA is not even in the same ballpark as Good Sam with discounts. The only reason I WAS a member of FMCA was due to the fantastic motorhome/motor coach specific articles in the club magazine. I refuse to subscribe to a magazine that talks about trailers, trailer towing equipment, pickup trucks to tow trailers, 5th wheel vs. tow behind comparisons, etc. I guess I will now just have Motorhome Magazine to read in the future. Please do not waste your money sending me a membership renewal in a couple of months--I will ignore it. Congratulations on losing a younger member of your organization. I am also a member of a MOTORHOME/MOTOR COACH ONLY club (American Coach Association) that I guess I will spend more time with now (at least we have the same interests). Good Bye FMCA!!
  2. I just voted "NO" and it will be in today's mail. Bottom line for me is if this turns FMCA into just another version of Good Sam Club I will resign from FMCA (I wonder if I could get a prorated dues refund?) or I will allow my membership to expire next spring when it comes up for renewal. I joined FMCA because it was a club for motorhome owners with a magazine that catered to motorhome issues. I have no interest in reading about trailers, vehicles that tow trailers, or anything to do with towable camping. I am already a member of Good Sam Club--only because I like the discount at Camping World and the diesel fuel discount at Flying J Truck stops. The results of this vote will determine if I remain a member of FMCA; If you are looking for younger members you are about to lose one depending on which way this vote goes.
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