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  1. Have a 2006 Coachman Cross Country SE, and I noticed that the rail that the storage compartment doors hang from is pulling away toward the back of the coach. Further investigation revealed that where the rail meets the end cap, there is some separation, and that the lower screws of the end cap are also pulling way. Looking more, it appears that the wooden strip that the end cap screws into has rotted out about halfway down. Any suggestions on what type of material should be used to replace that strip? It looks like it screws into a metal bar, and the end cap/rail screw into the wood. Guidance/suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Thanks! Will adjust my repair accordingly.
  3. Sooo, my 2006 Coachman Cross Country Diesel Pusher’s bottom step required repair due to a sagging step (thin metal) and rotted wood. The sagging step has been repaired, but when getting ready to replace the wood, I noticed that the step well has two small holes that seem to be configured as weep/drain holes. My first reaction was ‘that’s stupid’, but since this is our first Motorhomes...is it stupid? Is it common to have weep/drain holes in the stair well?
  4. Sooo, how do you get to roof mounted systems beneath the grid for maintenance purposes? Are the solar arrays on a hinge system?
  5. I called Freightliner first, they referred me to the coach manufacturer. This one does not have an auto leveling system. The circuit itself is intermittent, everything on it either works or doesn’t work. I’ll check to see if it’s on a module in the morning, and for loose wires/grounds in the evening. Appreciate the input.
  6. Greeting RV Gurus/Nerds/Innocent Bystanders. My 2006 Coachman Cross Country SE is having an intermittent electrical issue. When turn the key into the accessory or run position in the ignition, sometimes one particular circuit will energize, other times it will not. The Hydraulic Level System, electric drivers seat, backup camera monitor and Freightliner Computer (both in dash) seem to share the circuit. At times, the hydraulic module lights with flash for a moment then stay dark/circuit stays dead. It’s not a fuse, for sometimes it works. Can’t nail down what may be triggering the intermittent part - temps/load/etc. Your wisdom is appreciated. Need to get this fixed ASAP since we are scheduled for a Thanksgiving trip on Sunday....
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