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  1. I have a very similar complaint although the source of the whistling appears to be high up, above the window to the rear of the passenger side seat. I have tried to isolate without success, including the various taping techniques mentioned in other replies. I recall seeing a simliar posting somewhere where the source was found to be caused by the awning post, sort of a wind tunneling effect. I would be curious of others have found this to be the case and if so how they resolved the noise. Safe travels to all.
  2. Thanks for providing me with assurance that I haven't been unnecessarily being overcautious. Also, as a new member of FMCA I look forward to expanding my knowledge base and becoming a more informed RV'r, through forums such as this.
  3. Although this comment isn't directly associated with the pump failure issue, I'd like to note that I've adopted a practice of shutting off the outside faucet supplying fresh water to the RV whenever we venture from the campsite. I do so because of concern that something might cause a burst and subsequent flood inside the rig. I'd be curious if anyone else follows this procedure, or any comments
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