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  1. No! That is incorrect! The point I was trying to make in an earlier post is this: Many of the "bennefits" have been eliminated/reduced over the years, (ie: FMCAssist and now the fact that only "new members" get a FMCA discount on the price of CoachNet). What one gets from FMCA is no longer worth the FMCA annual membership fee.........(aka: the point at which I will not be renewing my membership). Mel
  2. But, it cost the price of an FMCA membership to get the $10 off of the CoachNet price. How is that an "advantage"?
  3. I got 6 Miclelins at my local Sam's Club for less than the FMCA "advantage" price, (in June of '12} Sam's Club had to order them..... (as the tire dealer would have had to if I had used the "FMCA Michelin advantage tire program"). Just because FMCA says it is an "advantage" does not mean that it is.
  4. camperken So what you have to do to get one of the FMCA advertised/promoted "benefits" year after year (a 10% discount on Coach Net), is: "Pretend" you're not renewing / that you are a "new member"..... in other words LIE! Are you OK with that?. Mel
  5. Herman Mullins F 302225 I joined FMCA 10 years ago for the "benifits". Unfortunately, all of the benifits I enjoyed have been modified or eliminated to a point where a FMCA membership offers nothing of value to me....(even the magazene has nothing that is not readily availabe elsewhere). I will not be renewing my membership. BTW, should I decide to, I can attend nearly any rally for a small additional fee, (without paying yearly to FMCA). End of rant. Mel
  6. It's your money....spend it howerver you want to! I was disappointed/underwhelmed by the one rally we attended 9 years ago. At least Nick Russell and his Gypsy Journal Rallies have not lost touch with real RVers. Every "benefit" that FMCA offers/offered, except the magazine, are available elsewhere,(usually for less $$). Even magazine is not what it used to be. IMO the best thing about FMCA is that it is not mandatory.
  7. One thing YOU DO NOT GET is a better price. Don't assume there is an advantage if you belong to FMCA, contact CoachNet and ask!
  8. Sam's Club, (not Good Sams Club), saved me $150 off the FMCA Michelin program price.
  9. I just recieved a renewal notice from CoachNet. When I phoned them I found that they do not offer a discount to FMCA members. Not to long ago FMCA discontinued FMCAssist. What value is a FMCA membership? I see no reason to renew when my FMCA membership expires. Any one want a 11 year old cheap plastic "Goose Egg".
  10. I have often raised both front tires off the ground while camping, (never the rear). Last June when a local Michelin dealer installed 6 tires, on my 22,000# coach, they used my three RVA jacks to lift the tires off of the ground, (all at one time)! They removed all 6 wheels and my coach remained that way for over 4 hours, (until they mounted and spin balanced all six). This was all done on their asphalt parking lot, (without jack stands)! I was not happy about that, but no harm apperars to have been done. Mel '96 Safari Sahara, 35' diesel
  11. Which is it? I have been told that when converting to TranSynd (or a TES-295 approved fluid), the new fluid needs to be thrown away after 25,000 miles and replaced with more new TranSynd (or a TES-295 approved fluid), before it will "be good for 300,000 miles before another transmission fluid change is needed". Is that TRUE? Mel '96 Sahara, M3060 Allison, 250 hp 3126 Cat,128,000 miles
  12. stuplich

    XZE/XZE2 Michilen

    Sorry about the double post!
  13. stuplich

    XZE/XZE2 Michelin

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the XZE and XZE2 Michelins. Are either, or both, available in a 9R22.5? Is the price similar for either or is one (the XZE2?) much more expensive? Thanks Mel
  14. Two days ago my Cat dealer changed my ECM mode from "Manual mode" to "Latch mode", but there is a problem! The ECM printout verifies that "Latch mode" IS programed into the ECM, however the PacBrake and cruise control do not operate as though it has been changed. It operates as if it still in Manual mode. With throttle CLOSED (not accelerating), and the cruise control power switch "ON" (which it MUST be use Latch mode), when the PacBrake power switch is turned "ON", the gear "Select" display goes to 2, the PacBrake engages (butterfly closes), and the coach decelerates, and downshifts. (if the cruise is set, it disengages). It does NOT "coast" because the PacBrake activates. It will however, accelerate with throttle application. APPLYING the throttle returns the gear "Select" display to the higher gear that was preset, and disengages the PacBrake (opens the butterfly). Closing/releasing the throttle results, immediately, in deceleration and PacBrake engagement once again! It acts as though it is getting a signal that the brake lights are on,(they are NOT), and my brake lights DO NOT come on with the PacBrake powerswitced 'ON". My Cat tech is baffled and I don't want to pressure him much, because he did the programing to Latch mode at NO CHARGE. (It is true, you do get what you pay for. LOL) Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Mel Stuplich The coach is a '96 Safari Sahara with a Cat 250hp 3126. Update added 8/9/11 Today, my Cat dealer changed the mode in the ECM from "Latch" to "Coast" in an effort to get it working. SAME result, It operates as though it is still in "Manual Mode". Mel
  15. IMO, "KISS" is always less expensive, and less trouble in the long run. A tag, (third), axle is just another "add on". It allows the coach builder to overload the chassis above its designed capacity. I would recommend a coach with a single rear axle, ample cargo capacity, a liveable floor plan and few, (or no), slides. (A slide requires a hole in the side "a hole in the side is A HOLE IN THE SIDE", and has to affect the rigidity of the box)! Also, a tag requires two additional tires, to maintain and replace, both of which skid sideways slightly at every turn! Mel '96 Safari, Sahara, 35'
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