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  1. I have a 2016 American Revolution and a 2016 Lincoln MKX with a new Blue Ox flat tow package installed. From the very start following installation when towing and making a 90 degree turn (visualize at a Stop Sign and turning either right or left) when making the turn about 90 degrees thru the turn and acceleration the front end of the car starts shaking violently. I have taken the rig with car to the installer and they assure me, after inspection, that installation is proper. I have taken the rig and car to the Lincoln dealer several times replicating each time after they have checked the alignment that all is correct. Blue Ox people say its not our fault and Lincoln say its not the car's fault. I'm out of ideas, any suggestions? Oh by the way both parties say they have zero history of my problem. Blue Ox calls the behavior the "Death Wobble".
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