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  1. I full time in my '06 Dynasty while working in the RV industry. I had the same issue with the OEM Comfort Aire mattress which is two independent adjustable air chambers. One night it I woke up and the bladder on my side was fully inflated at the head of the bed, nothing at the foot so that was the end of that mattress. I tried the Casper/Purple/Tuft&Needle technology..what a disaster. Them mattress' are too heavy for the bed slide gear and are too big for the platform and I couldn't close my slides. So...I did a search for custom Gel Foam mattress' that compete with the name brand bed in box products. Low and behold, Amazon has a mattress vendor that is 100% Amish made to order, healthy material mattress for RVs called Travel Happy. I called the number on the product listing and the guy who makes the mattress answered the call! Brilliant! I bought the 12" Graphite Gel Foam premium mattress...best sleeping decision I've ever made. Granted I am 5'7 142 lbs and sleep on my back mostly, with a little bit of flipping to my stomach. Hope this helps!
  2. Would appreciate flat towing assistance from anyone who has an Edge. Trying to figure out which fuses to remove to shut off the Dash Computer to prevent battery drain. I try to start it while traveling but that doesn't always work and so I have to boost/charge batt off the RV when I get to my destination. Is the issue simply resolved by removing the negative batt cable? Matt
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