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  1. I got tired of getting down on the ground and now use Snap Pads. They stay on permanent and no need to take up storage space.
  2. For many years I had Allied, a division of Nationwide, thru Miller Insurance as my broker. Three years ago my premium skyrocketed. Miller advised me that Nationwide no longer wanted the RV business. I had my tow vehicle, harley an umbrella and three rental properties with them too. I am full time with a So Dakota address, excellent driving record and excellent credit. State Farm, Liberty Mutual and Safeco a subsidiary of Liberty would not write full time coverage, at least with a SD address. After shopping around I went with Geico. I saved a lot of $$$.
  3. There are many good camp grounds in the area. Rafter J in Hill City is popular and just down the road from Mt Rushmore. There is also a KOA nearby as well as a KOA in Rapid City and Custer. Custer State Park is a must see and they have many camp grounds for about $25 a night. They are electric only but each camp ground has a place to hook up a hose and fill your fresh water tank and the Park has a dump station. For your size rig I would stay in Game Lodge, Grace Coolidge or Legion Lake Camp Grounds. Reservations are a must in the summer. For more info go on campgroundreviews.com.
  4. Would a cell phone booster work attached to a flag pole?
  5. It depends on the insurance company. Some do consider it a claim and may raise your premium at renewal time. Some do not not consider it a claim. But having separate RA designed for RVs is good to have because some insurance towing will send someone who will not be able tow an RV, nor be able to change a tire on an RV.
  6. Thanks richard5933. That looks like a great place to stay.
  7. Thanks wildbill308. I use campground reviews.com a lot but don't know the area that well so looking for suggestions on destinations and campgrounds nearby. Thanks manhole. I do plan on going before school is out.
  8. I am in central FL for the winter and will be heading north sometime April/May. On my bucket list is to go to as many Civil War Battlefields as I can. I have been to Gettysburg several times in the past. Stopped at Vicksburg on my way to FL. I want to go to VA and see the battlefields there. Manssas, Appomattox Courthouse, Antietan, Harpers Ferry, Bull Run etc. What other ones should I visit? What campgrounds are in the area? I would like to camp at one spot for several days and take in as many as I can and then move to another campground for a few days and see the battlefields near by the new campground.
  9. I purchased my 2015 Itasca 42QD used. It’s the same as the Winnebago Tour. It had a DirecTv Travler already installed on the roof near the front. I like having it near to front because many campsites have trees that block the satellite but often the front of the site is clear. As you back in you go under the trees. Only had a few sites that were a problem. If the dish was in the middle or rear of the roof there would have been more problem campsites.
  10. I had used the Good Sam Flying J discount program paying at the pump in the past. Got about .06 cents off. Recently I got the TSD Logistics discount and have been going to Loves. Have used it 3 times now and got nearly $45 off each fillup or about .45 cents a gallon. Don’t need to drive around and find a station with old fuel and hard to maneuver within to pay less.
  11. The FMCA plan states that it will cover no charges for any aspect of mobilemechanic services. Thats because it is a Roadside Assistance Plan not a Extended Service Plan. It will cover towing for a breakdown to a shop that will do the repairs. If you want the repairs covered you need to purchase a Service Plan (extended warranty) in addition to the RA.
  12. I used to volunteer at Custer State Park. Every week we had someone stuck in one of the tunnels on Needles Highway or Iron Mountain Rd. Usually a 5th Wheel, but sometimes a Class A. Had to close down the road in both directions for hours.
  13. Are you looking at one night stopping like in WalMarts, road side rest stops or truck stops or all you looking for campgrounds. For one night stops look at freecampgrounds.net or allstays.com. For campgrounds look at campgroundreviews.com or Campendium.
  14. Sunlover19 what campground in San Diego are you staying in?
  15. I have used Blue Beacon several times in the past with my 5th Wheel Toy Hauler and now with my Class A Diesel pusher. The quality has always been ok, not great, not bad. Last summer at the York NE location off I-80 I got so bad a wash that I have decided never to use them again.
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