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  1. I think it would be easier to rent out the Park Model and have your parents stay in the RV. It is more difficult to rent out a stationary RV than a Park Model. Hundreds of Park Models are rented out for the winter season in FL and are in great demand. Now if the RV was going to be used by someone who wanted to travel in it that is a different story, but there is not much demand for a rental on a stationary RV. Also the ware and tair of an RV will be significantly greater than renting out the Park Model.
  2. I have been a member of FMCA for several years and never new about the free KOA Value card! I do not have a KOA card now nor ever in the past but would like one especially if it is free. Can I still get the free card having been a FMCA member for a few years or is it only available to new FMCA members?
  3. I am a full timer registured in So Dakota. I do not have a physical home anymore. Hartford, thru AARP, Safeco a division of Liberty Mutual and State Farm all told me that they would not insure my RV for full time use without a homeowners policy. I asked them if I am full time why would I have a homeowners policy? Guess its State Law or something! I went with Geico on my Class A, Jeep tow, Harley, a $1,000,000 umbrella, and 3 landlord policies on rental property, who AARP, Safeco and State Farm said did not qualify as homeowners policies.
  4. Coach Net is $250 the first year but only $169 to renew. They are the best in the market.
  5. txtiger

    Insurance Quote

    I am full time and registered in South Dakota. State Farm, Safeco, Hartford all would not write a full time policy without a homeowners policy. If I had homeowners why would I be full time???? I went with Geico and got a great price. I have stated value, and stated the value is the price I paid for the RV. When its 5 years old I may change to replacement cost, but I will get an appraisal first.
  6. txtiger

    Testing your TPMS?

    You can carry the sensor with you outside and then don't need a second person inside to help you. As a solo we figure out ways to do things alone, lol lol lol
  7. I read a letter written by I think the CEO of FMCA stating that the Club exists to provide members 1) Conventions to attend, 2) Communication and 3) Benefits. Well as for #1 I have never attended any of the Conventions. I find them to be too expensive, usually $350 for 3 nights for boon docking or $450 FHU. Yes they do have seminars to attend and entertainment but I can attend seminars online for free and the entertainment is not usually my cup of tea. I also don't like crowds. As to #2, I do read the digital magazine. It takes me about 15 min. But not really much of a benefit of membership. Again I can get the same information online Regarding #3. I did try to use the tire discount program but got a better price going direct with a tire retailer, I did try to use the glass program but got a better price from the rep directly. Guess he didn't have to pay the referral fee to Guardian. I tried to use the Insurance program but got a better quote with Geico. I did buy the roadside assistance but now they raised the premium form $69 to $74 and now $159 so I did not renew. I am full time and have no physical residence so the Medical Assist is of no value to me. Well thats 3 for 3. Now FMCA is raising its fee from $50 to $75 and now I hear $85. Not sure if I will renew.
  8. I have Geico. My Auto policy with Geico is a combo policy with the Auto and Motorhome on one policy. Geico has announced a 15% reduction in your renewal premium rather than a refund. I will see if I get a 15% discount on the entire renewal or just a proportionate amount for the Auto. In the meantime I’m still waiting for my stimulus deposit.
  9. I just installed longer valve stems for my inside dully. I got the long stems from Borg Equipment & Supply. They are near Los Angeles CA. 7317 Foothills Blvd Tujunga CA 91943 (818) 352-8717. Paid about $55 for a pair. Don’t forget to order the rubber boot that goes on the wheel and protects the stem from banging on the wheel. I think they were an extra $25. I went to a truck stop and paid $90 to have them installed.
  10. If you have a Class A Diesel like a Winnebago Tour then you have the risk of a very expensive motor or transmission repair. The small stuff you can self insure but motors and transmissions can be expensive repairs and most people can't afford to self insure that amount. If I were you I would call Wholesale Warranties and ask them if they have policy for just the moor and tranny. You may be able to get such a policy for a lot less than you think.
  11. No Tim, it is just a standard coax cable. I have several of them in many lengths for parks that have cable tv. It goes between the LNB and the turret. It just screws on like any coax cable connection. No special cable is required
  12. Well it turned out to be a easy fix. According to Winegard the Travler works independently from the DirecTv receiver. After replacing the coax cable between the turret and the LNB arm everything worked. It was just a bad coax cable. Unfortunately right after it was fixed a storm came in and I lost my signal. The storm passed by and I am now up and running.
  13. Ask the Dr to give you a Rx for a 90 days supply with at least 1 refill. That would get you 6 months. You can go to Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Cosco etc anywhere. They keep a record of you in their computer system. If the Dr says no, ask him why not. He he won’t accept your request, find another Dr. I have diabetes and I am a fulltime solo RVer. I usually stay in one place for a few months. I have had to see a new Dr in my new location a couple of times but each time they renewed my Rx. Other times the pharmacy just called my Dr for a new Rx.
  14. I called Winegard and was told that a 775 error, no power to LNB, is likely the coax cable between the turret and the LNB is bad. I am handicapped and can not climb a ladder or go on my roof so I am waiting for a neighbor 2 spaces down from me in the RV campground I am in to come over and help. He said he would go on my roof and attach a new coax cable to the dish. In the meantime I did check the power cable to the receiver, unplugged it and after 30 seconds plugged it back in and still got the 775 error. Will get back on here after the cable is replaced and report.
  15. I have DirecTv with a Winegard Travler dish. I have had this set up for over 3 years now. I purchased the rig in 2017. It came with the Travler already installed. The rig is a 2015 and the original owner purchased it in July of 2014 so I am guessing that the equipment is almost 6 years old. Everything worked fine in the past. I moved to a new location yesterday. The dish locked onto the satellites fine and all worked well. This morning I turned on the tv and all was well. This afternoon I turned on the tv and I got an error message from DirecTv, error code 775 saying that the receiver could not connect to the sat. I powered of the receiver and powered it back on but got the same error message. I then powered down the dish and powered the dish back on. The Winegard power box now says no power to LNB. I don’t even know what an LMB is or where it gets its power. Would appreciate any help troubleshooting this problem. Thanks in advance.
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