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  1. I have used Blue Beacon several times in the past with my 5th Wheel Toy Hauler and now with my Class A Diesel pusher. The quality has always been ok, not great, not bad. Last summer at the York NE location off I-80 I got so bad a wash that I have decided never to use them again.
  2. FMCA does not sell or have a roadside service. They only endorse SafeRide and get a discount for its members. The problems you are having should not happen and it is SafeRide who is dropping the ball. You should contact FMCA Corporate and get them to back you up with your claim against SafeRide. With all the members purchasing SafeRide thru FMCA, FMCA has more pull than you as an individual.
  3. CW just bought Gander and used a lot of cash to do so. If they are buying other companies I don’t think they would be on the verge of bankruptcy.
  4. Take a look at Happy Trails in Suprise AZ a suburb of Phoenix.
  5. I just keep all the tires, front, dully and tags at 110 PSI. As you drive and the tires heat up the psi goes up too, and will vary between each individual tire. Also as you add fuel, water, food etc and as you use up fuel, dump, and eat the food your weight is constantly changing so you do not need to be to precise on each individual tire.
  6. My brother has a degree in Water Management and is a liscensed operator for a city water department. He tells me that unless you filled your tank with bad well water all city water is treated and you do not need to sanitize your tank unless the water in your tank is several months old. The city water has chlorine in it and will be good for many months. If you are going to store your RV for more than 6 months then I would empty it and refill it with fresh water.
  7. One or two of those video door bells would work but what you are describing would require a 24/7 personal, not campground, wifi signal to send alerts to your phones 📱and if you are camped where there is no cell signal you won’t have WiFi. For night time you could install lights with motion sensors but that would not provide security in the daytime. A good barking watch dog perhaps may help but who wants a dog barking every time some walks by. I wish I had a better answer. Perhaps others will.
  8. What leveling system do you have, Lippert aka LCI or HWH? What problems are you having? We may be able to give you some advise with more information. I have a Itasca Ellipse, the same as a Winnebago Tour, with LCI leveling. Had a problem with mine and all I had to do was hold down the Enter button and Retract button at the same time and it reset and now works fine.
  9. Good question. I have the FMCA plan. Wasn’t told about any possible additional charges. Will keep an eye on this thread.
  10. I have always had Verizon. Have been in areas where people who had AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobil could not get a signal and I could. I think the competition has gotten better in reciently years but I will stick with Verizon for now.
  11. I am heading to FL in a month and will need to get my service completed on my Class A. I have a 2015 Itasca with a Cummins 450, about 27,000 miles. I contacted Cummins Orlando and they were very expensive to what I paid in AZ the last two winters. Any recommendations for a shop in the Orlando area will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance m
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