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  1. I found the problem. The wrong blower had been installed . Went down to auto parts store and got a GM blower for a Chevy S-10 . Same mounting base ,same blower blades but opposite direction . I have all kinds of air coming out now. Only difference it had electrical plug hookup.
  2. I have 2001 Safari Zanzibar with a ACME dash a/c unit and it seems like it is not putting out very much air when heating or a/c. I removed the blower and tested all the speeds and it worked fine. I saw that the damper arm was opening by watching the damper arm on side of unit next to blower motor. I crawled under the front of motorhome to check if air intake was plugged it seemed ok and the damper was opened. I can feel little air on the drivers side vents and little on passenger. When I turned on foot vents a lot of air came out but those are small vents. Very little air on defrost. Is this how these work. 77000 miles . Looks like blower fan has been replaced. Looks like it has three dampers on this unit. What is the likely hood of one of those not opening. New owner. Thanks Troy
  3. It depends on how big the motorhome is. We have taken a 30' motorhome through the park okay but a 40' would not be fun. The roads are narrow in some areas with a lot of traffic congestion in the summer.
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