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  1. 9.9 mpg. 2014 Tiffin Allegro RED 38 feet Cummins 340 ISB/Allison 2000 a I believe - Freightliner, 28+k GVW no toad at speed limit (or 69 in 75 zone). For what it is worth I am a cruise control nut and will use whenever possible. We are in the middle of our first "big trip" post purchasing our used rig (started with 29k miles and we have driven approx. 1650 miles.) 9.9 includes mostly interstates (40 primarily) from Las Vegas to more scenic routes (NatchezTrace Pkwy for 130 miles whith speed limits starting at 40 mph with majority at 50 mph - I ran at 52 mph - TN to MS/AL. While I am not obsessed with mpg, i do appreciate finding my own sweet spot (cost/comfort/time/monitoring for changes in performance). Because OP wanted good info to help guide decisions (just like I used these forums to help me with my decision) I will add that our decision to purchase diesel pusher was a great one post a previous recent rental of V10 gas 39 footer where conversations were difficult to have while driving due to noise ( or to mention smoothness of current ride and torque/power). Best of luck as you make your decision.
  2. We ended up purchasing the TireMinder SMART (with iPhone app) for $320. It has worked flawlessly (local driving and now on our first real trip) although I did need a good amount of help (not very mechanical handy, but learning, a lot) to have signal extender properly installed. Once installed, the setup has been very easy and again working beautifully, highly recommended. Thanks again to all for input and guidance. Skip 2014 Allegro RED
  3. Incredible response and information...thanks so very much to everyone - looks like some additional money needed to get safely on the road!
  4. Good morning everyone, first time RV owners (rented before) purchased a 2014 TiffIn Allegro Red and we are thrilled having brought it home yesterday. Starting to dive into all the little details of RV ownership. Former owner (a wonderful person which made the purchase that much more fantastic) had a tire pressure monitoring system which he transferred to his new coach. Question, are these systems worth the price/used by many owners? Thanks for helping us newbies!
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