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  1. I'm looking for a recommendation for replacement RV tires. I currently have 6 Toyo M147, 11R22.5, 146/143L tires mounted on my 2004 Alpine Coach. Although the tires are in good shape and ride great, they're now 8 years old and starting to show some uneven wear on the front tire edges and a slight bit of early weather checking on one of the dually sidewalls. I have always maintained the correct pressures and alignment. I checked with Toyo and they say that my current tires are no longer available and they do not manufacture tires specifically for RVs. They referred me to a local truck tire center. I checked online with the FMCA Tire Program and came up with a list of over 30 different 11R22.5 tires manufactured by General, Continental and Michelin with prices ranging from $367 to $652 per tire. I've seen tires for under $300 online. I'd appreciate a sanity check before I shell out over $3 grand on tires.
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