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  1. Yea, sadly I had the filter and everything hooked up exactly right. Hence why my water from the bucket test worked. I'm really starting to think it's from the extra tension on my two 90 elbows for the water lines. The new filter on the new pump puts an extra almost 2" on the pump, so it's a real challenged to get them screwed on. I think I will have to modify my wet cabinet to have the hoses come out somewhere else to get rid of the tension, or drill into the metal more so the lines have more room to spread out...
  2. So I attached the photos of what the broken one installed looks like. It has a very different filter that surflow doesn't make anymore. I'm curious if there's just too much tension on the 90* connectors that somehow make it have an air leak? I'm just not sure how to go about modifying the housing to make it not so tight. I've looked at other pumps, but it looks like they all use this same setup now as the seaflo we got. I attached some pictures so you can get an idea of what it looks like.
  3. Sooo just an update, I put the old pump back with the half broken seal, and my water flowed.....
  4. Herman, thanks for the heads up. I’ll drop them a line and see what they’ve got planned! I’d love to go to one of the big rallies and maybe meet some more families!!
  5. Bill, thats awesome! Thanks for the advice. The one place I called about install, I was initially looking at blueox and he said “oh you dont wanna do that”. and proceeded to bash blue ox. Needless to say I wont be having it installed there. The second is place just explained that it was easier to work with Roadmaster since they're so close to us.... ugh..... I’m tempted to do it myself but I get a little overwhelmed by the wiring part. This girl has tools and will try almost anything 😂
  6. Can you use a blue ox braking system with a roadmaster tow bar? Both install places locally recommend roadmaster. Also if you buy used how can you confirm it's not broken?
  7. I’m late to the party but looking forward to meeting some new families! Any chance young familes attend the big rallies? Trying to talk my DH (35) into it. We are traveling with our 6 yo and I would love to see all the national parks. I still work as a nurse but I have an amazing schedule with easish to take vacation time 🙂. We are on the west coast in Oregon.
  8. I honestly enjoy homeschooling our 6 yo. I honestly think that being out of PS system has not done her any harm. She loves traveling in our RV to see family and explore new things. I feel like it’s giving her more interest in science than other kids her age. I wished all FMCA members wanted to be grandparents ;-). But I worry about intruding on their much earned peaceful retirement, so we havent joined a local chapter yet. Although we might have found a local group that won't mind some youngsters.
  9. There are definitely some used ones available out here. I'm guessing that's not a bad idea... Definitely plan on a new base plate! Found some roadmaster all-terrain bars for sale locally.. Just not sure of their condition. The number of braking system options is overwhelming
  10. I find it's hard to find young families to connect with! We're planning on part-timing, it we haven't found any other young families in our area.
  11. Can I bump this topic? We’re going to be towing a Honda CRV, with a gasser (2002 bounder chevy 8.1). Looking at best/low cost supplemental brake system.
  12. So I've browsed through some of these topics already, but I have a unique situation. Our water filter broke on the water pump, which means it was at full suction. It was the original on our 2002 Bounder 31W, so of course they don't make that model anymore. I bought a new water pump thinking this would fix everything, well now I've run into the issue that it won't draw water from the tank. I hooked it up independently and it did pull water from a bucket. How would I have a crack in my line just from changing pumps? Anyone else have this issue? I also let it run for a while, and it still didn't work. It will pressurize when hooked up to city water. Thanks!!!
  13. We have a Workhorse chassis. I don't have the schematics for my coach. I have located the switch for the parking brake, but someone (possibly previous owner) taped all the wires together. Any idea where to get the schematics for my coach? I should also add that I did some extensive "un-wiring" of a security system that was draining our battery, but it was all removing, no adding of any kind, so I don't see anywhere where it would've been connected to the system. Thanks! Jen
  14. Hi all! We have a Bounder 31W with Power Gear jacks. We recently removed a huge electric security system that was draining our battery and now have trouble with the jacks going down. The parking brake is set, but the jacks won't go down unless the brake foot pedal is pushed down. It also makes a whirring sound, like some kind of gear turning maybe? Then in order to keep the jacks down you have to turn off the car and remove the key. Otherwise if you accidentally take your foot off the brake pedal they automatically retract. Any suggestions would be helpful. I've replaced fuses, and replaced at least one relay switch. Thanks so much!
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