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  1. I need your Class A driving tips as I consider learning to drive our Class A. Not only driving tips are needed, but maintaining it, setting it up, towing, and breaking it down at departure time. I know nothing about it mechanically speaking, I was formally only 'in charge' of the microwave and meal planning, now due to husband's surgery, I will become the driver. I don't even know how the heat/air works or the slides and just the name of the (black/grey) water scares me! Your suggestions, ideas would be very helpful to me. My husband can provide some guidance but the work and the driving will be on me. Are there any statistics on the percentage of women Class A drivers? I need your best tips/information! Where do I start? We will have to list it for sale if I can't figure it out and I would like to at least give it a try. Thank you.
  2. We live in your area, and my husband who took and passed the test in Easton, MD is currently recovering from major surgery otherwise he'd be happy to help you as I know we had to take one of the farmers with us who lived close to where we live in order to take the test. Be aware, unless Annapolis is diff, Easton, MD was NOT prepared to give him the test and there was a lot of running around on MVA's part to try and figure out how to give the test, which started out with a check list. Hopefully, this has improved as more people take the test. It's the right thing to do for vehicles which weigh over 26,001 pounds. There is a written part and an actual road-driving test portions. Good luck, you'll do fine. R&P Centreville, MD
  3. What's special about GEAR? Are there any traditions that go on at each GEAR? It's great being all together at the area rallies but was wondering if there are any traditions carried on from year to year? What can we look forward to this year at GEAR, as well, is there anything new being added?
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