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  1. If you are going to keep your coach for a while, consider investing in Lifeline AGM batteries. They are the best, and the most expensive. http://lifelinebatteries.com/
  2. "Cheap batteries often become very expensive over time" I agree with Manholt. I went with Lifeline AGMs. No worries for 7-10 years.
  3. Every road in the US must have a minimum vertical clearance of 13'6", and all bridges must be able to carry 40 tons, and the minimum road width must be 10'. Anything less has to be marked on any and every road that could lead to an obstacle that would be less than these minimums.
  4. I have 25,000+ miles on my Blue Ox Aventa LX and SMI Stay in Play Duo. I tow an 09 Explorer behind a 40' DP, and have had zero problems. I used the Blue Ox toad wiring set up that is independent from the toad, with additional bulbs installed in the light housing. Installed it all myself.
  5. I've always felt the greatest threat was from campground set ups, so I've opted for the portable EMS from Progressive. The down side to the permanent mount is that if you have a failure, you would have to go to generator until you get repaired, unless you wired it like "gmoreno" is considering, but then, as noted, you are a dead duck with no options. Your trip is over. If you have the portable unit, you may be able to get another quickly, or not use any protection at your next stop, or when the problem was repaired in the source.
  6. Nothing wrong with the KOA, right downtown, close to everything. Next to city park. Close to the shuttle as well.
  7. Good products, great customer service, nice people to deal with, can't go wrong with AirForce One, or Stay in Play Duo system.
  8. I have a copy of Splendide's instructions, email me at "avantiagency@earthlink.net" and I'll forward to you. I did mine last week and it is quite simple. Mac
  9. Here is a link to the best article I've ever seen on this topic. http://www.fmca.com/index.php/component/co...moment-of-truth
  10. If you are going to stay 12v, I would find the biggest AGM deep cycles that you can. East Penn Manufacturing makes Deka as well as other brands. Lifeline also has good ones, you'll find them mentioned in marine applications quite often as well.
  11. I use Turtle Wax, applied with elbow grease every spring. Makes it easy to clean all summer, and looks great.
  12. My 2008 Damon Tuscany with Dometic power awning. While driving at 65 the awning extended fully. The cause: Water coming along the wire that runs from the right front wheel while driving in the rain, shorted the Dometic controller located in the basement compartment directly behind the wheel well. This could have been a disaster! Check your units, and consider installing a switch to cut power to the controller while under way, as well as moving the controller to another location if you find any water coming in along the wires.
  13. I'm scheduled to take the Maryland non-commercial class B driving test for my motorhome on July 30, 2010. Is there a member of FMCA in the area, who has a class A or B commercial or non-commercial license, who might be willing to go with me, as Maryland requires that I have a license holder with me? I have over 8,000 miles of experience, and am trying to comply with the laws. Will pass along the favor, or would compensate for the time.
  14. I would suggest you look at the SMI Stay-in-Play Duo system. Compact, easy to use, and affordable.
  15. Amorall or Beoshield 303 will lubricate the rubber seals and extend their life.
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