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  1. Residence is Covington Ga, just east of Atlanta.
  2. New to the FMCA Class C forum. Reading the Jayco Redhawk Warning. We purchased a new 2016 Redhawk 29XK October 2015. While we have had several issues with the unit, Jayco has been very fast in handling them and of those they have gone over and above to get resolution. My big issue is getting their authorized Service Centers to Service the unit. They have very negative attitudes if you didn’t purchase from them. Even in my case I triedtoget Camping World (where I Purchased from) to work my problems twice with very negative results. Finally they did work on it after really pushing. Independent Service Centers are the way to go and Jayco has been very responsive to it. I will stay with Jayco for all my future upgrades as I consider their service “Second to None”. Anything man made is going to have problems, but being proactive with the Manufacturer goes a long way. We toured their Class C assembly line recently and were impressed with their process. Having worked for an aircraft manufacturer and Service Center for over 20 years helps me understand processes and support. Todate we have 17000 miles on our unit including 2 straight months on the road and planning a 3 month 9000 mile trip next year. Loving retirement and quality travel.
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