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  1. Mystery solved!!!! Since I can’t get to the heating element without ripping the water heater out of the coach, I went back over the wiring that I could reach one last time. I found that the white wire that feeds 12v to the circuit board had a bad pin connection!!!! The slightest movement would cause it to come loose, and/or connect. fixed that and the hot water is flowing again. Thanks again to each of you who gave me input. Much appreciated!
  2. Ok, here’s an update to my water heater saga…… I got the gasket to seal properly, new element installed and holding just fine. Since I had it out, I went ahead and installed a new circuit board and the 12v switch on the backside. I still can’t get the darn thing to work on electric, but the gas side works just fine! I have 110v to the element and over 12v to the yellow wire leading from the circuit board to the switch. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for the input guys. Just to be safe, and make sure, I’ll also run back to the dealership that sold me the new element, with it and the old one for comparison. I’m pretty sure they gave me the right one, but you never know!! Appreciate your help.
  4. I have an Atwood GE16 EXT water in my 2009 Tuscany. I bought a new heating element, and had to pull the entire heater to get access to the old element. It’s obviously the original factory installation. The new element came with a rubber gasket installed on it, but the old element did not have one! And when I try to install the new element with gasket, it squeezes out with little more than hand tightening pressure. So my question for you is, do I really need the gasket, since the original install didn’t use one? Any help is appreciated!
  5. I just bought new steer tires for my rig, and along with it came a learning opportunity. After weeks of on-line work comparing the tires offered under both the Continental Choice and Michelin Advantage program, I settled on the higher priced Michelin tires. Next came the dealer locator tool, and confirmation they had my tire and were enrolled to administer the FMCA sponsored tire program. I provided them with the quote I received from the FMCA Michelin Advantage plan web site to verify price and tires sizes. I followed up as instructed and registered my credit card, made the install appointment, and thought I was on the way to great savings...………………… But wait, there's more to the story! On the install day at the dealer, in this case Tire Factory in Pasco Washington, I was enthusiastically greeted by the manager Eddy who showed me the tires, confirmed the manufacturers date, and then said he had some news for me on the price that we needed to talk about. I thought, oh boy, here it comes, another hit to the wallet! But Eddy surprised me by showing me the everyday price on the tires was $30 less per tire than the FMCA benefit price promised by Michelin! The FMCA benefit price was supposed to have saved me a total of $170 over the regular price. But the Tire Factory every day price beat that, and went on to save me a total of $230!!! So the moral of my story is two fold: 1) Shop smart! Make sure you not only ask if the dealer participates in the program, but get confirmation on actual costs and savings! 2) FMCA needs to do a little more work on these benefit packages to make sure they actually are benefits. I hope this helps you! Mark Ribich F475810
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