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  1. We signed up for the Verizon mifi jetpack through FMCA because when you reach you "unlimited" data limit, you don't get cut back to 3g for the remainder of you billing cycle. Well, we reached 25gb of data and low and behold, for 3 days now, even in the middle of nowhere, TX, I can't get webpages to load, email to download and forget trying to watch video. This all worked beautifully before hitting the soft data limit. Verizon said it is due to network congestion on the tower. I find that hard to accept after 3 days and at all times of day or night. Is anybody else experiencing this with their jetpack? The FMCA agreement is for deprioritization, not throttled back for entire remaining billing cycle.
  2. We had the same thing a year ago this month. Dropped #3 liner while on flat level highway. Coach had 45000 miles. $36000 for a factory recon engine and cummins would not give us a penny of consideration due to age of coach (2006 See Ya Gold) Sorry I don't still have pics of the liner...looked like black potato chips sitting in bottom of pan. Piston stayed in bore and beat block to death.
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