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  1. there are a variety of atlas tools for the rver 1. RVers Friend although not an atlas-is one tool we have lived with since its first edtion-generally available at Flying J- always get it from the publisher. We find it particularly helpful because-unlike "Next Exit" it has back road info, fuel stops, mechancial services with phone numbers, etc--also lists dump stations and propane availability. Has a whole section on state and federal campgrounds, telephone numbers etc---and also a list of dump stations arond the country... 2 We use the Wal-mart Rand McNally simply because ti lists all ofthe Wal-mart and Sam's clubs around the country.. 3 for 'heavy duty' atlas there is a truck drivers atlas- available at most fuel stops -lists backroadwith low bridgews etc----although thee is great deal ofinfo not relevant to RVing--might be of some help to some---we used it some in the first few years full timing-as we explored very back ways and by-ways 4 in this age of computers and gps and talking phones etc--thee are probably many many ways to map a trip---but we still live in the paper age with wal-mart rand mcnally and RVers Friend norman and josette crook
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