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  1. I actually added the extension (about 3" because this was the wire I had to cut the damage off of) to that and taped it up. Should be good. Nice eye though!
  2. Update: FIXED! Yes.... I am worried about why the wire burned.... I made sure to test it before putting all the panels back on so I could inspect it when with it on. Replaced the main board and it works perfect. This set of pictures show a better shot of the damaged board and wire. Also pic of new board, new board box showing part number, bad wire fix, and the back panel of the fireplace showing model number. I did have to cut a couple inches off the damaged wire which meant I had to add a couple inches back with a new wire so it would reach the circuit board. I have to say Twin Star had great customer service. They actually called me to tell me they don't have a replacement for the wire but could send a new circuit board. I agreed explaining fixing a wire is easy.... Although the warranty was up, they sent a new blower assembly (first trouble ticket explained in earlier post) and circuit board (this trouble ticket) with only charging me shipping on the blower motor. Total cost of repair: $27.50. Total time: 2 hours.
  3. Update: They replied to my new trouble ticket. They are sending a new circuit board at no cost. Even with no shipping this time! I'll update when I get it and replace.
  4. "It's always something" 2014 Itasca Ellipse 4QD Fireplace:: ClassicFlame 25EF031 GRP https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K75P80A/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Purchased on Amazon to replace the original insert. This is the nearest I could find to the original. I started getting an E3 code which means overheat protection has engaged. "Unplug for 30 minutes, plug back in, and test, if it continues, contact customer service". Yes, it continued, so I submitted a trouble ticket to Twin-Star Customer Service: https://www.tsicustomerservice.com/ They got back to me via the trouble ticket pretty quick. They sent a new blower assembly for shipping cost only ($27.50). Not bad since it was out of warranty. Replaced the part.... it did the same thing.... E3 error code.... well, upon closer inspection, I noticed there was a burnt wire connected to what I believe to be a relay. (see pictures). The burnt wire was the hot wire (black) coming in from the plug. Just submitted another trouble ticket.... I guess I need a new circuit board for the insert. I'll update when I can.
  5. updated / edited to show install and final product.
  6. I'm replacing the slide out canopy (awning) cover. Documenting the replacement for reference for the next person that needs to do this. Me: 2014 Itasca Ellipse 42QD (same as Winnebago Tour) This is specifically for the super slide / full wall slide.... you know the one... 29' give or take. I contacted Winnebago with my VIN and they replied back with part numbers for all my appliances. Winnebago contact:Terry 800-933-7742 / info@winnebagoparts.com He told me Carefree makes the product and I should contact them with the part number he gave me. (see picture below for my coach's part number listing) Carefree contact: 303-469-3324 Cost of part: $320.50 including shipping to TX I used this video to review what I was in store for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-LEyBqycMY I messed up on putting the holding pin to keep it from spinning out.... yep... this one has it on both sides and I screwed it up on each.... I used this link to figure out how many spins I needed to get the tension back on the springs: https://www.carefreeofcolorado.com/documents/Slideout-Cover-Service-Manual.pdf Below are some pictures for reference to include the list of part numbers Winnebago sent me, the sticker on the awning roller bracket with P/N, invoice from Carefree etc. I'll be putting it on in a day or two and will share any additional info that may be helpful. OK.... now for the install of the new cover... I rolled it out flat, then folded it in such a way the two leads that will go into the channels were about the same width apart as the channels (the channel on side of RV, and channel in the roller assembly which was laying on top of the slide). I then rolled the cover so I could place it on a 2x12 sticking off the slide and have my wife simply roll the cover fabric out as I pulled it through the channels. I used a silicone lubricant (see pic) to prep each channel. I can tell you this 29' of channel sliding went much easier than I anticipated.... took maybe 10 minutes if that. Once the fabric was on the in both channels we rolled the excess fabric onto the roller assembly, put it over the edge of the slide and I placed my end into the end cap that was still in place. I secured with the fastening bolt, then went to the other side to place the end cap on, and secure with the bolt. I can tell you I had to make another quarter turn on the spring to get the end to align correctly with the end cap. (used locking pliers to do this.... pull out the pin that prevents the spring from unwinding, turn 1/4 turn, place pin back in... be sure the pin is facing outward or you'll not get the rolling assembly back into the channel) Now the fun part.... we tried to knock out the pins (the pins that are keeping roller / spring from unwinding) at the same time with pliers and a hammer... well, I knocked mine out, but my wife missed hers..... strange.... no big deal.... I went down to her end, knocked it out and wham a lamb a ding dong it tighted up just fine. rotated the cover back up to cover the awning roller assembly, put in the top screw on each side and we're done. Ran a test.... works perfect.... oh, don't forget to put the set screws into the coach side channel... one in front, one in back. Here are the installation pictures.... I also treated the rubber gaskets on coach side and slide side as long as I had the cover off.... used the spray in the pictures. Total time spent: Remove old - almost an hour Treat gaskets and clean slide top, etc - about 30 minutes Install new - Almost an hour Total: 2.5-3.0 hours.... Not bad... remember... this is a 29 foot slide out! I think I could do it again in less than an hour. Difficulty of task.... maybe a 5 out of 10. Total money spent: $320 on parts, zero on labor... Probably would have cost 700-800 to have that done at a shop!
  7. I have an update.... so.... I cleaned off where the clamp was and left it overnight.... The next day it had a drip or two at the clamp on the bottom of the hose and also at the top... it's a very short 90 degree hose.... Gave each side a couple turns to tighten.... We did need to move the coach that day to dump.... ran for about 20 minutes.... no leak. parked overnight..... checked today.... no leak at all. "Easy day".
  8. I've got two switches on my main control panel inside. One is labeled "engine heater", when I turn it on it pulls about 7 amps. Another is part of my aquahot switches labeled "engine preheat". I assume if I have these, I won't have the male plug hanging in the back / engine compartment. ???? (2014 Itasca Ellipse Cummins 450hp)
  9. That is what I figured but.... just had the oil changed and was working under the "better safe than sorry" theory to keep the engine happy. Wasn't sure exactly what the heater was "heating".
  10. I climbed under and got these pictures.... unless the drip is coming from above and dropping right on top of this hose connection I think you are right... just needs a little tightening. It has stopped leaking... I put some card board under it to verify.... 3 drops over a 3 hour period earlier... and nothing more since. Wednesday afternoon it should be above freezing so we'll be doing our weekly driving up the hill to dump... I'll be sure that is the location before we do that.
  11. Sounds like a plan..... I did edit the original post with coach info which is 2014 Itasca Ellipse Cummins 450hp.
  12. ok.... not going anywhere today... but will do once I can get out...... too icy out there today and probably tomorrow.
  13. Equipment: 2014 Itasca Ellipse / Cummins 450hp I know it's cold everywhere.... but, we aren't used to it here in south central Texas. It's been below freezing for a couple days, and got down to about 3 above zero last night. We do live in the RV, and have had engine heater on since it got really cold. I just noticed the snow under the radiator has some pink drops which means I have some sort of coolant leak. The top tank (surge tank?) shows fluid at it's prior level. I haven't gotten under there to really look yet.... Wondering if I should start the engine up to see if I have issues..... or wait until I can check for the leak location? As mentioned, level appears fine.
  14. Is that this guy? Great service!
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