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  1. It is good to know this is normal practice. I had always thought the manufacturer honored the warranty..... I didn't realize a repair facility had control over warranty work. I always thought the manufacturer of the product paid the repair facility for the work.
  2. Not sure where this topic would belong... but here is my question: Is it standard policy for a repair shop to say they will not honor an appliance warranty if you did not buy said appliance with them. I am getting quotes to replace the washing machine in my Itasca Ellipse. The repair shop gave me a quote for a new washing machine and labor to remove old and install new. Problem 1 with the quote - 8 hours labor? They don't need to diagnose old machine, they are putting in a new one. 8 hours? (but, that is not what this post is about...) Here is what this post is about - I told them I could save a couple hundred dollars if I purchased the washing machine online, so I asked if they would install a new machine that I brought in.... Here is the reply " That is fine with us you need to understand if you have issues with warranty you will be on your own!". This is a repair facility I have used for over $10,000 worth of repair and maintenance work in the past 12 months... and that is the answer they give me. I was previously very satisfied with them, but this reply is very disappointing. Am I being over sensitive? Is this simply standard practice / policy? I am about to take my business to a facility 2 miles west of them...…………..
  3. Strangely enough.... Lights on dash DO work.... Cruise control works. it's just none of the gauges are reading.... no MPH, no RPM, etc.
  4. OK.... shift pad illuminates... so, must not be that.
  5. This is for my friend that can't get on internet right now.... 2004 Winnebago Vectra 40AD Nothing on dash is working. No lights, not even idiot lights. No reading on speedometer, tachometer etc..... Just started after an engine oil change. Ideas?
  6. Good point regarding sandpaper... when I was in the Navy we used tabasco sauce to shine up brass... that would probably work. Also great idea regarding contact cleaner... I'm going to get that. So far, since the initial issue, we have had no problems. Thank you everyone for your advice!
  7. Here is one for you..... 2014 Itasca Ellipse 42QD (all electric) Symptoms: EMS shows "no service", yet everything seems to be working. (except washing machine, but I THINK that may be a separate issue... or was it caused by this?) When scrolling through EMS it goes from wiring "OK" to "error" back and forth. I, thinking maybe my surge protector (Progressive Industries EMS - PT50x) was damaged so I plug in to pedestal without it. Same issues going on, so it isn't the surge protector. I then grab my 50amp extension cord and plug into the pedestal next door. Everything is now working fine. I plug the surge protector back into my space's pedestal.... everything reads fine, Volts at 123/124, 60 Hertz, and no errors. So, I unplug my extension cord from the pedestal next door and back into my surge protector on my pedestal. Everything is now working fine. Here is what I THINK may have been the problem, let me know what YOU think. Is it possible the prongs on my 50amp were dirty or corroded a little.... with the plugging in and out, it cleaned the prongs and made good contact? Today I'm going to use a fine grit sandpaper to clean the prongs even better..... What are your thoughts? Could that have been it? Or am I going to see this phantom problem come back again and again?
  8. Yes, I think it weighs about 150 pounds, and as mentioned, tight space, with toilet in the way... so you have to lift up, then out, but you've got no where to stand for good gripping and leverage.
  9. Just had our Splendide Ariston ARWXF129W die again. Second time in 6 months. Last time it was a circuit board. Parts/labor almost $600. The dang washer is only 1,000 new! Same symptoms this time as last, probably same problem. Any ideas on a good replacement if I don't want another Splendide? It's in a closet, stacked under the Splendide dryer. Splendide Washer is 23" wide, 22" deep, and 32 inches high. Looks like we could fit something up to 26" wide, 26" deep, and 33" high. It's located in a 2014 Itasca (Winnebago) Ellipse (Tour).
  10. The lovely wife would like us to trade our perfectly good 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in for a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited. She wants a "smoother and more comfortable ride" when we are driving around in that rather than our coach. From the research I have done on this fantastic educational forum, I have learned that the 2019 Cherokee doesn't have the issues they 2014-2018 Cherokees do regarding flat tow. Since the 2019 Cherokee is a new model refresh, and the posts I was looking at were 5 - 10 months old, I'd just like to verify that the opinions have not changed regarding the flat towing of a 2019 Cherokee. My main concerns...… 1- The 2019 doesn't need the wiring harness to prevent the "death wobble". 2- I don't need to have a battery charger to flat tow. 3- I don't need to keep in "accessory" position while towing (leading to a drained battery) I know previous answers have been, wiring harness not needed, no battery charger needed, and you don't need to keep it in "accessory" position while towing.... but, I just want to verify before I close the deal on the Cherokee. Things sometimes change. Thanks! I don't see any issues from reading the owner's manual.... but, real world experience from real owners would make me feel better.
  11. This is to assist those that have issues with their steps coming in. Mine were stuck in the open/out position even after ignition was turned on. 2014 Itasca Ellipse 42qd Issue: Steps would not retract. Normally it's the sensor on the door jam that needs it's contacts cleaned up with a little sandpaper scratch and rubbing alcohol. This time.... that didn't work. Breaker was good. Switch was tested in both positions.... still didn't work. I closed the contact on the bottom 2 contacts using a copper penny.... the steps came in. My assumption was there was an issue with the door side sensor pad. I had to remove the door stop arm in order to open the door enough to take the door side sensor pad off. Once I pulled it off, there was one of the four wires that had come loose. I had to use a flashlight and needle nose pliers to fish the wire out of the door. I attached the wire, crimped it, then used electrical tape to hold it on just a little bit better this time. I tested it prior to putting it back in. It did work. I THINK there may be a way to install it upside down so be sure to test it prior to putting everything back together. Buttoned everything back up and it works!!!! Pictures: 1470 - sensor pads.... left side is door jam, right side is door. 1471 - door sensor pad pulled out showing loose / missing wire (it had fallen into the door) 1472 - top of door jam showing I removed all those screws of the door stop arm so I could open the door enough to remove the door side sensor pad 1473 - door side sensor pad with the loose wire re-attached, and prior to adding electrical tape for "insurance".
  12. We are "on the road" this week... well, "in the air". Flying to Boston to broadcast an event... 2,000 miles each way... so we decided it would be cheaper to fly..... we'll be back soon though!
  13. 99% done... just minor details and the decorating..... Today we had our first "live broadcast" from the "outdoor studio". (We have a live show every Wednesday on Radio Trop Rock from wherever we are.... ) DreamWood Builders did the RV pad/cover and the 12x28 storage building. I did the landscaping and covered deck/bar/studio area.
  14. 95% complete.... just the "details" now...… and all the decorations that are in storage to put up........ although... people that know me are aware.... I'll never ever be "done".
  15. Yes we do! It is a redneck table... I'm going to work on it a little... but we needed something bulky and tough so this fits.... We have A LOT of outdoor decoration / bar stuff / neon signs etc.... in storage that should be here in a couple of weeks... but.... Here are the latest....
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