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  1. Heather, Add me to the list saying read the data plate and get weighed. We bought our coach used. I had it 'truck stop weighed' and set my tires. Noticed that the speedometer didn't seem right, and used a phone app to check. A year later when we bought tires (aged out) the installer thought the new tires wouldn't fit - too big. Turned out the last set installed were too small. Gee, the speedometer now reads correctly. The tire shop inflated them all to 100 psi, and the coach was squirrelly. Had the coach corner weighed and set the pressures for the correct weight and the coach now drives fine. Chose Toyo for our coach, saved $600 over Michelins. I had Michelins on my pickup and got 97k miles before one failed, and still had tread on all four. We had Goodyear before the Toyos, with no complaint about the ride - just the size. A friend has Firestones. As to balancing, I went with DynaBeads. They go inside the tire and continuously balance as the tire wears. Had them for a year now, and still satisfied. Also recommend you get a TPMS to go with your new tires. You'll get a bit of warning if something bad is about to happen. Consider having LONG valve stems installed on the inner duals. It will make inflating and checking the inflation much easier. I spent a long time finding valve extensions for mine.
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