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  1. Thanks Bill, I appreciate your post and do wish we had more time. Perhaps in the future. Fred
  2. Obviously the weather on Monday morning, the 1st day of the Rally was not good. Rain, Rain and more rain. The disappointment for my wife and I was the lack of things to see and do the 1st day. We live here in Indianapolis and although we are RV'ers and FMCA members, we are busy working and could only get 1 day off. Our hopes were to meet my sister and husband who did come in from Virginia to attend the event and spend the day with them. We found out after our days off were already aligned that no motorhomes could be looked at until Tuesday, but we forged forward hoping we could at least see some vendors. Nope, they too were not available until tomorrow (Tuesday). So needless to say my sis and her hubby went back to their coach and we headed back to our vehicle, soaked... To anyone listening or who may be reading this, I would encourage some more thought go into scheduling of events. Not everyone wants to set in seminars all day. This is not negative nor a rant, just a post from a disappointed member. I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the event. Fred & Peggy
  3. You can also call Direct TV and get Distant Network Service. You will need to send them a copy of your registration, which takes a bit of time, but in the end the payoff is good. You wind up with network channels from the eastcoast and westcoast. You will have them all of the time. bounderfreddy
  4. My wife quickly picked up that the coach is not level when our jacks say there level and that bathroom door won't stay open... I do as TBUTLER and level with the auto unit then do the bathroom door. Most of the time it takes an extra push of the button or so to get it leveled. And we all know that a happy wife is a happy camping wife. bounderfreddy
  5. Great questions and even better great answers. Looks like I have found another great forum. Thanks boundfreddy
  6. Montie, Newbie to FMCA, but not new to motorhoming. I would also suggest entering the model your enterested in into Google and read as many of the threads you can before you fall asleep.... Some will be from the manufacturer, some will be from camper sales and some will be from forums who have both positive and negative post about your particular model. This simple method seems to narrow down what your looking for in a pretty quick way. Good luch and have fun. BounderFreddy
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