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  1. As a someone who went thru Katrina and Harvey I really hate to see what is about to happen to South Carolina. Rightfully all eyes are there. South TX from Corpus Christy all the way past D.C. has had a ton of rain and is flooding in many areas. There is a depression that may move into the Gulf which may add additional flooding in South TX and Isaac is moving West: Mexico or U.S. who knows. The point I am trying to make is for those of us who live South of I-10 the ground, rivers and retention ponds will likely be full and additional water from any other system could add to flooding. Now is the time to consider what you need to do should you decide to move you RV out of this area. My thoughts, no Cristal Ball or Madam Cleo.
  2. I don't know what type RV you have but we have an 2011 Tiffin Allegro Bus 43 QRP. Tiffin's air valves were not adjustable on the Power Glide chassis but were on the Freightliner. My axle weights were about the same as yours and Tiffin said that there was too much weight on the tag axle. The corrective action was to replace the non adjustable electrical proportional valves with adjustable electrical valves and to add 2 manually adjustable valves. They said reducing the tag downward pressure would add weight to the drive axle and reduce the weight on the steer axle. The non adjustable valves installed on my bus was set at 60/40 and they sent me pre-adjusted electrical valves set at 75/25 and marked DS and PS at no charge. I have them replaced at Lakeshore Custom RV in Iuka, MS, 35 miles from Red Bay. Those guys there worked at Tiffin one for 14 years mostly in the Chassis department and another who was certified at Tiffin on the Ford Chassis. Both told me that Tiffin was aware of the problem and were replacing those valves at no charge for the valves. We just got back last week and I plan on getting the wheels weighed to see how much has changed. If you have a Tiffin you can call and talk to Gary Harris in the chassis department or to Nathan who owns Lakeshore Custom RV, he was one of the 2 who was an inspector at every stage of production on all lines at Tiffin. Both can give you technical info that I can't. His number is 256-668-2195 cell. They also work on other than Tiffin. Hope this helps. Bill
  3. Go there and see for yourself, they opened an additional production line. The finished lot was full and that is what they said. Bill
  4. Update: We had the 2 proportional valves replaced along with 2 manual air valves at Lakeshore Custom RV in Iuka, MS. The valves were set by Tiffin and the tech that installed the had worked at Tiffin and knew what to do. He said he had installed many and the 2 proportional would not work without the 2 manually adjustable valves. Total work time was 2 hours and their rate was $75.00 hour. Lakeshore completed 28 items over the 2 days we were there and we were excited that they could do everything from replacing the slide toppers to programing the electronic door locks or replacing the electric window shade panel. It didn't matter what we asked them to do they knew the system it it was fixed before we could turn around unless the had to get the parts. We were so happy we didn't have to bounce around from place to place, they even serviced and replaced the fluid in the Hydro Hot. They can also work on other brands of RV's. If you are considering going to Red Bay you may want to consider them. Their office number is 662-273-1002, Nathan's Cell is 256-668-2195. Nathan was one of the few who was an inspector in every stage of production at Tiffin for 14 years. Bill
  5. We are back from our trip to Red Bay and we can pass this on to those who are going there for yearly maintenance or other work. Tiffin has opened an additional production line: currently selling 72 units a week and producing 65. We had our work done at Lakeshore Custom RV in Iuka, MS. Nathan and those guys were with Tiffin for 14 years or more and left on good terms. They completed 28 items in 2 days and the work was fast and complete. They installed new adjustable proportioning air valves provided by Tiffin to reduce the downward pressure on my tag axles, changed every oil filter, fuel filter, and fluid, Centramatic wheel balancers, replaced shade controller panel, replaced awning toppers, serviced fan gear box, serviced Hydro Hot, adjusted headlights, repaired roof ladder, repaired OTA antennae, programed door lock and remotes and serviced air dryer. They provided a place so we could stay in the RV with power and water and I can't tell you how happy we are. If you are planning to go to Red Bay of other than warranty work check them out, they are in Iuka, MS, 256-668-2195 Nathan, 662-273-1003 Office. Bill
  6. We were stuck in this mess for an hour and a half. Traveling west on I-10 we took the I-210 around Lake Charles. The traffic was backed up on I-10 all the way to the I-210 exit. Within 3 miles on I-210 we were at a dead stop. There were people driving around on the grass to get to the exit 1/2 mile away. No one was happy but it was nothing anyone could do.
  7. We had some work done, 28 items, by Lakeshore Custom RV in Iuka, MS. which is next to Red Bay. They were Tiffin employees who have just opened this business and the Owner, Nathan was one of the few inspectors who was able to inspect every stage of production. They are real heavy on the chassis work but knew every system on the Bus. All work was completed in 2 days and we were able to stay on site in the bus at night with water and 50 amp power provided. This is how good they are, when it was pointed out that 2 of my slide toppers were with small rips they got the material, replaced them, checked and caulked the roof all within the original time frame. They also serviced the Agua Hot and flushed the system, replaced every oil, fuel, and air filter on the entire bus along with the fluid. Added Centramatic Balancers to the 3 axles and replaced the 4 air valves, 2 that are adjustable that add pressure to the main and tag axle. This is only a part of the work they did and does not include the OTA antenna, electronic door key pad, door key fobs or the new panel for the door shades and programing for the above. If you are over that way and want to check them out Nathan's cell is 256-668-2195, Office is 662-273-1003, their labor rate was $75.00/hr. Hope this helps as I know it has been a problem getting every thing done at one place in a timely manner. Bill __________________ 2011 Tiffin Allegro Bus 43 QRP Cummins 8.9, Mileage 24,850.
  8. I have a 2011 Tiffin Allegro Bus 43 with a Power Glide chassis. I wanted to check the hydraulic fluid on the HWH system and the slide outs but can't seam to find the tank. Does anyone know its location? thanks, Bill
  9. On my Tiffin the tag always dumps when placed in Reverse. I was told to be sure I didn't use Reverse before entering or while on the scales as I would get a bad reading.
  10. Hi Wayne, I copied this info and it shows what I am trying to do. Hope it is helpful. Bill The problem of heavy steer axles on many 43' Tiffin coaches on the Powerglide chassis, they used a 60/40 proportioning valve to distribute the weight between the drive and tag axles. That ratio takes too much weight off of the drive and puts it on the tag and steer axles. I and others went through this several years ago. I had Tiffin replace the 60/40 valves with manual regulator valves. Then I did a lot of testing and weighing with the adjustments and arrived at 75/25 for the optimum proportion. My steer is rated at 15,640# and weighed 15,340 with full fuel with the 60/40 prop valves. After going to 75/25, The steer dropped to 14,700#. The drive went from under 14,000 up to over 19,000# and the tag went from 9200 down to 5500#. At that time, I sent my data to Gary Harris @Tiffin and they tried a 45' coach with a 75/25 prop valve. The result was a near perfect balance. They then tried one without a proportioning valve and ended up with a 70/30 ratio due to the difference in air bag sizes. To correct the 43' coaches on the Powerglide chassis, the only cure is to change the prop valves to a 75/25 ratio or go to a manual regulator valve and adjust it yourself. The earlier tag coaches on a Freightliner chassis, have an adjustable proportioning valve that can be adjusted to get the 75/25 needed to get the weights where they should be.
  11. Update on leak: Had a friend who was able to get up under the bus and found the power steering hose was leaking at the clamp. He was able to get a 3/8 turn on the clamp and stop the leak so that issue is complete. Bill
  12. I have had every wheel axle weighed independently and also at Cat scales. My front tires are carrying 120# each to support the weight and according to Mitchlens tire chart the max is 130#. I have not been comfortable with being that close to the designed max even though they are new tires. Also according to Tiffin the weight I am carrying now is within the design specs for the front axles. I know that not to correct this will, in the long run, be a problem and I am committed to get this corrected. I have never understood how many will just put the amount of air in the tires that is shown on the Manufacture's placard. Thank you for your response, Bill
  13. From the reviews posted on Cummins, the shop labor was billed at 135.00 hr. I don't know what the hourly cost for a Mobile Tech is but if it is anywhere close to that amount I am fine and won't have to worry about any damage.
  14. I was told by Tiffin that the weight on the front axles did not exceed the design weight or the tire weight and was within the specs, but the high end of them. I am concerned as I did not want this additional weight to shorten the life of the front tires. Bill