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  1. Have a 2017 190 in wheelbase MH with factory 19.5 Goodyear G670 tires with 7000 miles. Since it was new, at speed I hear a "wup wup" or thumping sound coming from the rear. In addition, I feel through the seat a vibration/shaking anywhere btwn 55 - 75 mph. Also a slight pull to the right. I've played with tire pressures ranging from 85 to 100 psi. (max on these tires is 110) with no change to the noise/vibration. Alignment was checked when new. Added a steering stabilizer that is properly centered. I observed that only 1 of the six rims has a balance weight on it. I am most concerned with the noise and, given the history of problems with G670s, am wondering if that sound is a sign of belt separation and/or out of round tires. I do plan to take it in to a truck tire shop but was wondering if anyone else experienced this condition.
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