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  1. Yes, stock '15 2500 RAM 4x4.
  2. Ken, I have not weighed. The door sticker dry is just over 13k. Unless I need it, I don't fill the tanks when going down the road and I estimate about 1k weight in stuff plus whatever I put in the garage. All that being said, when I hook it up the pin weight actually just levels my truck out and it pulls great even in the mountains.
  3. So just to answer your question, I have a Spartan toy hauler 5er with almost the exact same weight and pull it with a 2015 2500 RAM diesel.
  4. Some have the auto level and some don't. Just make sure if you want it to get it factory installed. I have seen pictures of the auto level being added at the dealer and they made a mess of it. That being said I have it on my new toy hauler and love it.
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