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    Enjoying this beautiful country and I have seen a lot of it. I was raised in a career military family. My Dad was a veteran of WWII , Korea and Vietnam. He retired in 1965 as a Lt. Col. always a pilot for his entire career. We were vagabonds. Always on the move. I especially love mountains. Colorado is my favorite.

    I do fish but I have done it so seldom recently that I am not very good at it. Kind of like golf/ to be good - regularly is the word.

    Obed is Old Testament . Son of Ruth and Boaz. King David's Grandfather. I am Obed ByronOglesby III. It is a family thing.

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  1. obedb


    Go for it! 😉😎
  2. obedb

    Algae in fuel tank

    Jim/ bought many thousands of gallons of diesel in Texas. My three main sources were one of the original Flying Js in Amarillo on my way to or from the west coast. Always busy. San Antonio Flying Jwas also a very busy fuel stop. Unloaded really large air conditioning compressors that were built in York PA. and shipped mostly into Mexico. Used often on roof tops for A/C, York Corp; now Johnson Controls. Flying J Dallas was also usually very busy to and fro for me. Lived in Texas as a kid. Goodfellow AFB / SanAngelo . Big time polio epidemic and I survived 4 and 1/2 years total . Yes I loved Texas. Bigger than life. Joe/ remember buying a lot of fuel in our home state of PA. Got compliments from the shop that serviced my big rigs over the years. Used Racor fuel/water separators . Did not sell my last rig until May of 2012. Was not sure that I wanted to quit but Betty wanted me home after her Mom died. PA pumps are marked 10% bio diesel. Never a problem. Was I blessed😎. Probably not. In the 90's there were two big moves on removing most sulphur from diesel fuel. The second removal caused me a road call with additives and a propane heater to get going. The mechanic at least brought me a big cup of coffee. Brett/ I will order the biocide you recommended. Goodness/ has it gotten that bad?
  3. obedb

    Algae in fuel tank

    As a former trucker, I am still confused about the problems had by RV diesel coaches. So far none with our Phaeton. Joe Leamont's is especially confusing to me. I wish that I had kept a log of my fuel buys while trucking. Never a problem. Sometimes 650 to 700 gallons a week and all from big sources including Loves. Big dealers selling to America's largest trucking fuel stops would not dare have bad fuel dropped into their tanks. Then it would be pumped into major trucking companies road equipment. Imagine the blow back when a lot of freight was not delivered on time. Trucks would breakdown, waiting on roadside assistance..Questions would be asked by major carriers. If there was a pattern, who is paying for this. Why did this happen?
  4. Have seen a few fivers with a genset.. Used the genset on our first coach(gas) everyday for awhile. Wish that the Honda portable units had been around then. What a difference that would have made. Are we at the pinnacle of everything good while RVing or is there more good to come??
  5. With our gas powered first coach we boon docked most of the time. A propane powered 12volt controlled unit was good for us. We now have a diesel unit and are old enough that we prefer the safety of an RV park. Installing a RES refrigerator in our unit looks to be more of a job than most. How soon will you retire? Keep that in your plans.
  6. Sunclipper/ I am a retired Pennsylvania based career trucker and Diesel RV owner. The route you are enquiring about is US 30. It is 3073 miles long East to West. The stretch between Breezewood and McConnellsburg is no longer marked for big trucks. You would probably be OK with your RV and toad, but when you are done with that stretch, you will probably be asking "why did I do that." I have run it many times over the years in an 18 wheeler, but never enjoyed it. Exit 201 off of the PA Pike and then south on PA997 will take you to US30 and on to Gettysburg.
  7. I still use my Mason Jar to get a look at the fuel before a buy. Could save some trouble.
  8. If you have the time, just north of Ridgway on 550 sets the Colorado Ridgway State Park. There are 69 full hookups. You pay for the rv daily and the tow costs a one time fee at a reduced rate. There are things to do in the area.
  9. The northbound trip on US550 is easier on the fearful. When you approach Ouray the curves for Northbounders are hugging the cliff walls. From Ouray to Grand Junction is an easy trip. South bound from Ouray to Durango is not for the faint of heart until the drop offs stop. We have run it both ways.
  10. FMCA tag shows 156788. Is that yours? If not, check with FMCA. Our's is 105607. Geez. It is older than the one in question.
  11. Oklahoma has a number of Indian owned casinos. Some small and some large. They make money on cigarettes as do smaller tribes throughout the country. I never smoked first hand but have been known to inhale second hand smoke when commiserating with friends. Probably wouldn't like it anymore.😎
  12. When I replace the sanitized tank with water I just go with fresh. To me, a little odor elimination from the fresh water tank is not worth the trouble, but then my nose is 75 years old.
  13. You are going to have to post more info for the gurus. Engine, transmission,etc. Obviously a diesel( mfg and HP needed) and probably an Allison. Nice looking ride.
  14. Would not count on things slowing down much by Sep 8. I have been north and south on US395 while trucking. I would check RV parks along that stretch. 395 actually enters the park through the north eastern section. Pretty country just going by the park.
  15. I have a good friend that has worked on Prevost and MCI buses as well as his primary job"Keeping School Buses" ready to safely go. RE:. High end coaches. He was more impressed by the MCI units. Workmanship and durability.
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