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    Enjoying this beautiful country and I have seen a lot of it. I was raised in a career military family. My Dad was a veteran of WWII , Korea and Vietnam. He retired in 1965 as a Lt. Col. always a pilot for his entire career. We were vagabonds. Always on the move. I especially love mountains. Colorado is my favorite.

    I do fish but I have done it so seldom recently that I am not very good at it. Kind of like golf/ to be good - regularly is the word.

    Obed is Old Testament . Son of Ruth and Boaz. King David's Grandfather. I am Obed ByronOglesby III. It is a family thing.

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  1. Steel Pistons in my system never rusted. Oshkosh/ John Deere chassis with four wheel disc brakes.Flushed the brake fluid and replaced it with fresh annually. Would need moisture in the system to enable rust. Brake fluiid is hygroscopic. We traveled the mountains of Colorado so I took no chances. Reccommend the old fashioned steel. Monarch, Wolf Creek, and other famous passes with just common sense and a well maintained brake system. Now I am fortunate enough to have air brakes and an exhaust brake.
  2. A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    Richard/ I have at least six pounds of R-12 . You are welcome to them . R-12 just works better than the newer stuff.
  3. 2000 Allegro Bus Freightliner chassis

    If you decide to take matters into your own hands., snug the adjuster up and then back the adjuster off about 1/2 to at most 3/4 of a turn. Whoever told you to jack the axle up does not live in the real world of 22 inch wheels.🤔🙄 Was done the way I described before auto slacks existed ( yes I am older than dirt ). The Bendix brand can be damaged if you don't release the operation of the accompanying pawl by lifting it up or out with a screwdriver before backing the adjuster off 1/ 2 or so turns . Has always worked for me before and after auto slacks. JACK UP THE AXLE FOR BRAKE ADJUSTMENT 😂 Gotta be kidding!
  4. 2000 Allegro Bus Freightliner chassis

    Automatic slack adjusters have been mandated for many years. If they are not kept properly greased, they will eventually no longer be automatic. They can be manually adjusted, but you have to know what you are doing. One type is easily abused by a well meaning do it yourselfer.
  5. Motorhome Parking At A NYC Airport

    Although I have lived in and around Baltimore since 1970, I don't cruise so I know little about where the ships go. I have seen parking cordoned off in the Dundalk Marine Terminal when an arrival is eminent. Have observed them coming and going various times of the year, because I picked up ocean containers at Dundalk, Seagirt, and even Locust Point terminals. A Friend. no longer on this earth,took a cruise on the east coast from Baltimore to at least Maine and back. Another person that I worked with mentioned Bermuda on his cruise. If parking is available on an area marine terminal, that would probably be ok. The authorities (including customs) keep a close watch on things. I have traveled into NYC many times over the years , and I have seen what often happens to unattended vehicles. Not just autos , but also trucks. Why not motorhomes?
  6. Motorhome Parking At A NYC Airport

    Why would you want to leave anything that you love unattended anywhere in NYC? Baltimore offers cruises to New England and possibly the Maritime provinces. There are places that you could safely leave an RV in our area and drive to the customer parking lot with your toad. I park long term in a gated storage facility that is maybe 50 or so miles from Baltimore area cruise ships. $52 a month for me. Probably would give you a one time rate for a very good number. If you do not tow, there is a big nearby ( less than five miles) nationwide car rental company .

    I keep a low end Cobra running with anything but nearby conversation squelched out. That way truckers can give me a heads up if something doesn't look good. Backup? I join the conversation with no squelch.. A Galaxy?😎? 10 meter band easily modified to chat on 19. 200 watts available on some. Richard/ you rascal you!! As a trucker, I used an early Cobra 148 GTL SSB (1979) They were really good then. Local shop, if they knew you, could peak a unit like mine using an oscilloscope to 8 watts dead key . Used a base loaded K40 steel whip with a magnetic mount stuck on the top of my steel cab. Pair that set up with a Road King noise cancelling mike and I got all kinds of compliments. Many said that I sounded like I was talking on a Base Station. Heading west on I-64 out of Richmond, I started a conversation with another trucker headed east. We finally figured out that we were at least 25 miles from each other when we started the talk with no static at all. I loved that radio. Still have it in the basement.
  8. US 93 Missoula, MT to Arco, ID

    Thank you, Herman.
  9. US 93 Missoula, MT to Arco, ID

    Perhaps we will here from the OP, but let me guess (only a guess): the restricted stretch is closed to tractor trailers because it is an ideal area for tourists and RVers Follows the Salmon River within view of the highway. Gotta be a stretch where big trucks are not welcome because of the beauty. I have traveled to Missoula from the Idaho Falls area on 28/US93 in an 18 wheeler. Never in an RV. Maybe I can still get out there if Betty finally gets better.
  10. Norcold Settlement Check

    Nice looking ride! You going with a Residential fridge or a Dometic? You will get a lot of advice on the topic. We still have a Dometic. Difficult spot to install a Res in our Phaeton, but not impossible.
  11. US 93 Missoula, MT to Arco, ID

    I am now interested enough in the area that I took a short look at available rv parks. They would know about the questioned stretch of US93. Looks too good to pass up. If you have the time, find one to try, and ask or explore with your F-150. Please let us know. The Idaho Panhandle is very scenic. By the way/ I-90 across the northern panhandle/ Wallace/ was the last town to be finally routed around the last stop light on the forth longest Interstate in our country. I-90 Happened into national news that night in 1991. CBS I think. Being a trucker that had been through Wallace , it hit home with me. Kinda clumsy, but hopefully you all understood it. 😉
  12. US 93 Missoula, MT to Arco, ID

    I figure that with our tow we are about 56 feet. Dragging an F150 would make you longer. If a route is not marked for commercial vehicles I tend to be cautious. I have been known to contact people in the know such as the Sherriff's office or the nearest State Police office. They are usually very nice and helpful. Probably would be a pretty ride. Running right along the Salmon River. The long way around to Arco ( 28 to 22 ) adds maybe 35 or so additional miles.
  13. US 93 Missoula, MT to Arco, ID

    There is a stretch from Salmon to Ellis (36 miles) that is not marked for commercial (large) vehicles. Are you actually headed to Arco or else where? At forty feet total who knows?
  14. Vintage Motorhome

    The FC Bluebird that I test drove was a trade in at a new Bluebird Dealer near Havre de Grace Md. It was probably about the age of your first, Erniee. Wish that I had bough it. A very substantial coach. In my travels spanning a bunch of years, I have seen just a few Vogues. Always like their styling, but never in one.
  15. Vintage Motorhome

    Back around 1988 I test drove maybe a 35 foot? Bluebird. Had a 3208 Cat for power. Ran well. Your Vogue is sharp looking.