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  1. I have a 35' Newmar Class A and am shopping for the BEST tire covers, I've owned the vinyl type that attach with velcro in the back but found them to be a pain to connect the Velcro especially in acclimate weather or surface conditions, ie; mud, dirt or rain. Looking at the Snap Ring type and have only found one company so far that had a nice product which is Covercraft with lot's of good reviews. Problem being they are 4 weeks before manufacture plus shipping time of at least another week. They advised me to go to Amazon but have found the size I need (Extra-Large 36"-39") are out of stock. Covercraft told me they're having a hard time getting materials. Anyone know of any other viable options or even reviews on these, maybe I just need to wait. Thank you!
  2. I have a 2014 Newmar Ventana which has a Blue Ox BX7420 tow bar. I recently purchased a 2017 JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon that I plan to tow. I have picked out a Poison Spyder front bumper and skid plate. I will be connecting the tow bar lugs from the tow bar to the recovery shackles on the new bumper. My question is where have others connected their safety cables. I'm thinking I will have some loops, D rings or... welded to the bottom of the Jeep frame crossmember and of course brake and electrical points too, if anyone has suggestions, pictures or both I'd appreciate it. I am new to towing, bought the coach used and it came with the tow bar and brake system. I am enclosing the bumper model number if you need it. Poison Spyder 17-55-010BTP1 Bruizer MID Bumper and 17-57-030P1 skid plate. THANK YOU.
  3. Thanks to all, I hear you all loud and clear. Good point on home vs "Rolling Earthquake" , maybe I just need to spend more time on the road, thanks again to all. I'm all ears if anyone else has any comments...
  4. I have just purchased a 2014 Newmar Ventana 3436 and will be storing it outside, I live in Northern California and although the winters are mild it still gets blazing hot. Our plan is to travel as often as possible but we still want a durable, high quality cover with a good warranty that can stand up to heavy rains, high wind and intense spells of hot weather. I have a copy of the Oct. 17 MotorHome magazine that reviews more than 8 manufacturers but would sure like to hear from some owners based on real life experience.
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