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  1. I’ve been doing a lot of checking on Verizon and sprint packages thru FMCA . If, while RV’ing you stay near big cities sprint should be ok and I do like the , no contract . Unfortunately we Rv in places away from big cities. Verizon has better coverage in rural and coastal areas where we Rv a lot. $49.99 for 25g is ok sorta. Does anyone know what the total fees are including taxes and federal etc? Prior to this I was with AT&T and had 22g unlimited and had phones bundled for a ridiculus price of about $187.00 per month. 22g went quickly then throttled to a ridiculus speed. I switched to Tmobile . Phones are a reasonable price but the MIFI device is fairly lame. I currently pay $77.50 for , no contract and I get 22g and it is NOT unlimited. When it’s gone, it’s gone. I Do have 10 g tethered on each phone so that helps. So you want to check thoroughly before you jump to another carrier. None of them have the ideal setup. Bad news, we travel to Mexico , these FMCA programs don’t allow usage there like Tmobile and some others do for the MIFI device i will probably switch to one of the FMCA offered carriers because of the cost savings. Verizon is looking ok but I’m still checking. if anybody has a better plan ............
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