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  1. dpersch

    Do I need leveling jack/pads/chocks

    Hope it's OK if I ask another newbie question here. My Ford chassis , and the Michelin tires have inflation limits of 65psi front, and 80psi rear. I spoke to Michelin dealer yesterday, and he stated always keep inflated to those numbers (65, 80). In doing some research I found I should inflate based on the weight riding on each tire(s). Do I go with the chassis max, or go to to a weigh station (fully loaded), and inflate based on the chart? Thanks Doug
  2. dpersch

    Do I need leveling jack/pads/chocks

    Thanks for the help, and laughs. We are excited for our first adventure! Doug
  3. We just purchased our first motor home. It is a 2006 Lexington M-255DS, and it is 26'. This rig does not have any on-board leveling. The previous owner said because it is a smaller rig he never had a need for any leveling devices, or chocks. I'm assuming I need both some type of leveling system, and chocks. My questions are: (any product recommendations would be appreciated) Will I need chocks? Will I need a leveling device/system? If I need to level the rig do I need to level both rear tires, or just the outside tire? Thanks Doug