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  1. We are buying a Ford Taurus to tow behind our class A 33ft motorhome. Checking online, the Blue Ox seems to be a favorite, but pricey. Are there places that sell the kit used and is that a good idea or not? Think must have the bracket for the car, the towing brackets for the coach and, then a braking system, too? Are we looking at $2-4k for this stuff? Seems there must be something less expensive. Not paying that much for the car. Help!
  2. We have a Jayco Class A Firenza 33ft. We will be living in the RV for Nov/Dec so do need to have water, etc.
  3. I like your idea of the light bulbs in the bays. We have plugs in all the bays I think. I am not sure how well the bays are insulated. And, what about the water and black/gray tanks? We are needing to stay where the nights are below freezing for about two months-N/D. And need to have the water/sewer. Welcome any ideas anyone has for us. Our Class B was better insulated. Thanks and Happy Trails. Spirit Eagle 7002D
  4. We have two new Roku tvs for our Class A. We only travel during the summer. We do not have a Dish or other systems at home. What is our best option for receiving a few channels when traveling? I know we can get some service in campgrounds. What about boondocking? Don't want to spend a fortune for a news channel.
  5. Thanks for all the help. We boughtt two Roku installed units. One from Best Buy and one from Amazon. Needed two different sizes. We have installed both with adaptations to the mounting areas. The biggest issue was their height. New tv's are wider and shorter. I used heavy card board and covered it with fabric that compliments our decor. We filled in the top with this and we are good to go. Now I need to find out how to get better service as we live in a remote area in Northern Maine. We only get one station in NB. We do not have cablee. Are any of the satelite services available on short term basis? We only use the RV for the summer. Happy Trails to all. Lois
  6. We have a Jayco Fierenza 2002. We have a television in the bedroom and one overhead in the driver area. We have a ROKU HDMI adapter we use at home because we have poor reception and don't want to spend a fortune on extra cable channels. We want to take the ROKU with us when we travel and use with the tv in the motorhome. However, they don't have a HDMI port. So we think we can change out one of the tv's for a newer one with the port. Does anyone have experience with this type of upgrade and what we should look for when buying a new tv?
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