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  1. Welcome to SC! Where in SC are you going? I have traveled from SC up 95 thru Maine a few times. There are MANY toll booths in NY, NJ area, but that is the quickest route to SC. I also agree with Poppo's post that 81 thru Pa. and down to Charlotte is a more pleasant drive. Taking 81 will bring you into the western part of SC and 95 will bring you closer to the coast and eastern side of SC. We live in the upstate of SC and will be going down to Charleston for Thanksgiving. Safe Travels! Andy
  2. api100

    No Power

    We have an '05 Revolution and had a similar situation. Pushing in the reset button on the side of the inverter corrected the problem.
  3. Good advice, the same thing happens here in SC.
  4. We usually get our dog groomed before leaving on a trip and don't need the service. When ever I convince my wife to stay gone two or three months at a time I would definitely use such a service. Doggie day care sounds good too or at least have someone go to my motorhome and walk my dog when we are gone for the day. Sounds like a good plan. Good luck if you decide to go on the road! Andy
  5. I tow a Ford Explorer and I usually start the engine and shift gears when ever I stop for fuel or stop for lunch and then do so again when I stop for the night. Ford does not say I have to do this, I like to charge the battery and to circulate the transmission. Twice in my travels when I have been driving for two or three days and not running the engine I had a dead battery when I got to my destination. It caused much aggravation to get the toad jumped off and everything reset on the computers. So for me, starting the engine is peace of mind and I've never had a problem when I've done so. I have a 120 gal fuel tank and I usually fill up when I get below a half tank. I also need to get up and walk around by then. Andy
  6. We have spent many nights in a Wal-Mart parking lot as we were traveling. We try to park under a light and lout of the way of the store traffic. We almost always go in and shop for something. We have traveled in 46 states and only in parts of Florida were we not allowed to stay over night when we asked permission. Once in Albany, Ga. the police told us that they did not think it was safe to stay in the W-M lot over night. We went on to another town. As Chris said, we ask, we shop and we are there only to sleep and move on. Safe travels! Andy
  7. I also use the BlueOx to tow a Ford Explorer. I've had the BO about 8 yrs and have used it on two coaches. A few years ago I was in the area of the BO factory (Pender, Ne) so I visited their factory. While there they refurbished my tow bar, new bolts, washers etc. at a very minimal fee. I've towed over 40k miles and still working great.
  8. After reading all the comments and suggestions, I have decided to stick with the 295/80 tires all the way around on my coach. Thank you all for your input. Today I checked on the Michelin Tire Advantage program to get a cost on the 295/80s. The closest dealer is 40 miles from my house. The initial price the dealer gave me did not sound too bad. But then he added the federal tax and sales tax and his charge of $60/tire mounting and the cost quickly increased by over $100. I expected the taxes, even though I don't understand the reason for the federal tax, but $60 for mounting seemed out of line. My local dealer charges $20 for that same size tire. Any savings from the Michelin program were just about wiped out by the dealer charges. Have any of you run into this problem? I can pick the tires up from the dealer and have them mounted here but that just adds to the hassle.
  9. Cost is a good question! I live in SC. I have an '05 Revolution with the same problem. I need to repair at least 5 windows. I also think Fleetwood should share in the repair cost since this is a problem in so many of their coaches. This is getting to be a safety issue with the drivers side front window. I often cannot see in the mirror when I'm backing or switching lanes.
  10. I have not priced Michelins thru FMCA Fleet Program. How can I do so?
  11. I have a 2005 Revolution with 295/80/ 22.5 tires original. Last year I replaced the two front tires with 295/80 Michelins. I now want to replace the 4 rear tires. When checking with local dealers for prices, I find that I can get 295/75 tires for about half the cost of 295/ 80's. The 80's are about 41 inches in diameter and the 75's are 40 inches in diameter. My question is, if I replace all 4 rear tires with the 75's will it make a difference with the two front tires being 80's? I know you can't have different sizes in the same axle. Has anyone experienced this? Saving $1600 is attention getting! Thanks! Andy
  12. api100

    Rear View Camera

    Thanks Rich, Good advice! A.
  13. Is you heater gas and/or electric and if so does it heat on AC?
  14. api100

    Rear View Camera

    I only have a rear view camera, I'm thinking it may be the connections on the monitor.
  15. api100

    Rear View Camera

    Thanks Rich, I don't know if there is a difference in hot and cold weather. It does happen a lot when it is raining. Also happens day or night. I have never had the picture go out when the coach is in reverse ( backing in a space etc.). Any hints on accessing the camera? I don't see a way to access from the inside and it is 12.5 ft up on the outside.
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