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  1. Three beds in our RV. Somewhere there hast to be a simple answer to this. Like a fuze, or a loose wire. Trying to find that is the problem.
  2. I have a 2013 American Tradition with a shade problem. The shades/blinds panel lights up, but the shades in the galley and half the bedroom don't move. I've looked for a fuse on every multiplex controller I can find and nothing seems to be blown. Not completely sure where to look. Fleetwood sent me a wiring schematic, but that doesn't tell me where the controller is located. Everything seems to work but the shades/blinds.
  3. I'm not sure about Norcold, but in our Fridgadair, I know it's not the same, the cold air comes from the freezer. There are small vents between the two. Of corse that in the side by side units. Just something to check.
  4. A month ago I asked them for wiring diagrams for my 2014 Ac. I got everything from them a couple of days after that.
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