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  1. I have an Acurite Weather Station at home in the back yard. Took it in the MH once, and even though we were staying in the same place for a month....way too much trouble attaching it and leveling it on the rear ladder. As others have noted, much easier, and more accurate, using a phone.
  2. FIVE

    EFS Card

    It appears the card is not good in Pilot/Flying J. We stayed in a CG next to a Pilot last week, so I walked over and asked if my card was acceptable....and explained how it worked with Loves. The manager did not know, but called her off sight manager....that manager said our card is good for ''points'' only....no big cash discount.
  3. Don't know about commissaries, but I was in the Fort Campbell, KY, PX today and asked about Exchange access for honorably discharged veterans. At the present time, they can shop on line only....they do not have authority to shop in the stores.
  4. The test strips I have indicate the levels of PPM Nitrate, Freeze Point and pH. The card that comes with them indicates what color equals the level of the three items being tested. So you dip the strip, of three separate pads, in the coolant and match the color on each of the three pads to the corresponding pad's color on the card. From the information provided on the card you can tell if any of the three items are too low or too high. What they do not tell you is how much SCA should be added, if needed, to remedy the the low level as indicated by the test strip. All I've been able to find is that a pint of SCA equals five "units," and one chart on Acustrip's web site, but it did not say what substance they were testing...no help. Is there a chart or some guidance as to the amount of SCA added based on the test? Thanks for the help.
  5. FIVE


    See similar thread with the same subject.
  6. FIVE


    I have three Garmins (one is for RVs), easy to use, lots of options and free life time updates.
  7. FIVE

    EFS Card

    Okay, thanks guys, I'm convinced. Maybe they need to make the verbiage a bit easier to understand. Saying they are going to give me "a $200 advance" doesn't compute. However I think I can live with their limit of 950 gallons of diesel per day.😝
  8. Same here. Also, I would ask specifically if the ISX would be covered due to it's reputation for high dollar failures.
  9. FIVE

    EFS Card

    I just received my EFS card in the mail. In the second paragraph of the PIN instructions it says, "Your first time logging in you will notice a $200 advance. Please note that this is not your daily limit for fuel. This is a cash advance that comes on all our cards in case you need extra cash on you." That makes no sense...they like to say it is a cash "advance" but it is sounds like it is actually a $200 debit of my account. If so, when do we get it back and what if we decide not to use their card, what happens to the $200 they have? I put a call into the company but have not as yet heard back.
  10. FIVE


    Wayne....what's it supposed to do for the driver? I had a RF blow out with our previous coach, an AC Allegiance, no control problems at all.
  11. Agree. It's like the old undercoat scam...which some dealers still run. Most of that dealer add on equipment is not needed, and is way over priced.
  12. You mean we are supposed to read all the previous posts??😏
  13. Here's a link that is very useful for comparing sizes: https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  14. I've noticed several posters mention Loves, what about Flying J and Pilot?
  15. Look at it this way, we are paying $50 for membership and $25 for FMCAssist, and hope we don't need the latter.
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