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  1. Ditto, and don't believe the Buick salesman when he tells you it's okay.
  2. Don't know what you are asking. My guess is this year will be like all the rest, the state is going to get their cut.
  3. The OP is looking for a solution to a problem with his refer. Replacing it is certainly an option.
  4. Good luck doing that on some spots at Buckhorn. We have some friends that bought there a few months ago....no room for any kind of carport for a DP.
  5. I have a lot simpler one step method to handle all macerator problems: - Remove all screws/bolts and anything else holding it in place and put the macerator in the storage building.
  6. Buckhorn is one of our favorite CGs. The main problem with their casitas is that none have garages or even car ports. I would not want my coach to sit out in the Texas sun day after day, when not being used.
  7. I had no problem with getting the FMCA price with Continentals. Must be the dealer.....I used Southern Tire Mart. https://www.stmtires.com/
  8. Have you talked to Magnum, they are very helpful? My coach goes through spells where the Magnum will give my an "AC OVERLOAD" fault. A few years ago this happened off and on for a couple of months. After quite a few calls to Magnum, they said to send it to them and they'd check it out. BTW, there are lots and lots of lines going into that thing, I took photos and double tagged every one, then I took it to UPS retail store to ship...they are heavy. They called in a week saying they had been running it all week and it was fine, no problems. They shipped it back (in an OEM made for Magnum box, which they told me to save) and I reinstalled it. It still does the same thing once in a while. I turn the charger off, do my next project, turn the charger back on and all is well. So I still don't know what the problem is, but it does not seem to bother how it works.
  9. On my study, I found that virtually every RV tire I have had was cheaper and "did better" than Michelin.
  10. One thing this thread has shown is that there are lots of guys out there with many years RVing....and don't know how to properly determine how much air to put in the tires.😄
  11. It's unfortunate, but many have handicapped plates that have nothing to do with mobility (or anything associated with being mobile), but qualify for being ''handicapped." I'm qualified for them, but it has nothing to do with mobility, so I don't get them. The states need to differentiate the criteria for that plate.
  12. Like a few others here, I did some 'extreme camping' back in my youth in SE Asia....and I don't care to do any more. Now, when one of my less knowledgeable about RV friends, asks, "when are you going camping again?" I tell them as soon as I wash the tent and clean the Coleman stove!
  13. Plug the tire numbers for the OEM and replacement tires in this formula. It will give you the change in size, as well as RPM, revs per mile, speedometer difference, etc: https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  14. If you are a member, call Good Sam. They will shop around for you and find the best deal. They have done that twice for me. Unfortunately, RV insurance companies love to charge huge annual rate increases, so we must shop around more so than with other insurance activities.
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