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  1. IMHO, Michelins are over rated and over priced. Mine cracked at six years. I checked on replacement Michelins and was told they could not get my size (had two 315s but no six 295/80R22.5). So I put 315 Continentals on the front, using the FMCA tire program, and six Toyo 295/80R22.5 on the rear....cheaper than either the MIchelins or Continentals.
  2. FIVE

    ISX valve failures

    Guaranteed for 100,000 miles or until it leaves the dealer's lot, which ever comes first.
  3. My key fob unlocks/locks both the locks on the door....and another click of the fob unlocks the basement locks. We keep a spare set of keys in the toad (the door has separate keys), in case there is a problem with the fob.
  4. Send a trans fluid sample to a lab to be tested. I do it every year, here's who I use: http://www.jglubricantservices.com/
  5. I need a trickle charger that will bring my toad back up to a full charge after a day of driving. The HF model won't do that.
  6. Your BIL was lucky. There have been way too many examples of AAA not having the proper equipment or personnel sent to assist a MH. I'm in the process of renewing my ERS provider, AAA is not in the running.
  7. I hope you read the fine print on the HF "maintainer." I don't know if this is still true, but they did offer one unit of the trickle charge variety that will maintain a fully charged battery, but will not bring one that is not fully charged up to a full charge.
  8. I had a three year plan with GS for $270 that is about to expire. Now to renew for one year, they want $160, with a $10 discount. Coach Net wants $250 and FMCA wants $74. These are current figures.
  9. Lots of stuff up there you must either walk around or trip over...or both. My roof has three A/Cs, three roof vents, sat/TV/radio antennas, bath sky light, two toilet vents, and a solar panel. I'm parked where there are metal rafters about four feet above the roof of the coach when parked. So I must step over some items while ducking under the rafters.
  10. I don't know if this would work on your Lincoln, but I had the same problem with both my Honda CRVs. Solved it by installing a bigger battery with more reserve power. A Honda Odyssey battery fits the CRV, a little tight, but works okay, no problems since.
  11. It makes more sense for the arrows or description to be for the coach not the jacks. When pressing the button or following the instructions, we are leveling the coach...we don't care which way the jacks move.
  12. Carl, on our coaches the compression brake, when working, also turns on the brake lights.
  13. My DD 13 has a three speed compression brake.
  14. Exactly the same for me. Below 40 they (mine at least) do not work on heat. In fact, I'd rather not bother with the heat pump and use the AH. The AH is quieter and provides much more evenly divided heat.
  15. FIVE

    RV cover

    Gamecock1212 I agree with dd69, unless you bought an older starter model or one in poor shape. We are on RV number six and all of the nicer ones were kept in covered and locked storage. They do better out of the sun, hail, snow, etc.
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