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  1. I have quite a bit of personal experience with Michelins and where they are grown. Back in 1967, I spent many days and nights (not pleasant nights) in the Michelin Rubber Plantation adjacent to Dau Tieng, SVN. For everyone that we "damaged" the US had to pay the SVN government a set amount as a fee.
  2. Try here, this is the latest, covers the tire, not the center part, held on by bungee type cords. We had five of their window shades on our last coach, have six tire covers for this one: www.magneshade.com
  3. I got an end cap from Carefree....$38 plus shipping. If you need the spindle and bearing ascent assembly inside the end cap, that's another $26.
  4. I refused to use Progressive until the wacko owner died several years ago.
  5. Start at the second post, and read on....
  6. I had Progressive a couple of years ago, and after asking some pointed questions about rates rising as the coach got older, I was informed the company will not decrease the insured value, the owner must do that. Bottom line was they were insuring it for more than it was worth and more than they would have paid out had been wrecked.
  7. Tom Johnson is retired from Allison, and was instrumental in developing Transynd. Order a kit from his company, send a sample, and they will send a detailed report on every part of your transmission fluid. I do it once a year. JG Lubrication: https://www.jglubricantservices.com/
  8. Same here, more convenient, especially when parked at home.
  9. Agree with the above posters. The only people coming out ahead are the guys selling the policy..
  10. Mine is in the left front street side basement..
  11. FIVE

    Class A Tire Size

    Same here. I'm very hesitant to change anything the factory has installed. They used that particular size for a reason.
  12. Fine....then call Newmar when one of your slides binds and will not move. Their method makes no sense, nobody in their right mind, moves the slides unless the coach is level.
  13. I'm a by the book guy. However, IMHO, you should never put out the slides if the coach is not level. Newmar says to extend the slides at ride height because that's the way they were installed. Fine, but not mentioned is the fact that at ride height in the plant they were most like level. We have camped on some very uneven terrain, and did not even consider moving the slides until level. On uneven ground, moving a full wall slide in a twisted coach could cause a serious binding condition. I'd call Newmar for further explanation.
  14. A diesel will "tow" any fifth wheel, the problem with a 250/2500 series truck is the ability to handle the weight. Look at the Tire and Loading Information sticker on the driver's door pillar. It will tell you the max cargo you can carry in that particular truck...that includes everything. The posted hitch weight of 2,200 sounds like a number that came from the factory. A realistic hitch weight is 20% of the trailer's GVWR. That alone will put you well over the truck's GVWR.
  15. Agree...I imagine he would get just about anything he wants...or doesn't want on his RV. If in the $2m range, what's another hundred thousand.
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