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  1. IMHO, most manufacturers making 40 + foot MHs will have engines that will pull what ever we wish to tow. Under 40 or so, some manufacturers will slip in the small 6.7L ISB which, at times, is a bit light on power.
  2. FIVE


    The number of batteries depends on the type camping you do. We have friends that went from four 6v batteries to two 12v AGMs. They do not dry camp, and have had no problems. AGMs are expensive....but you get what you pay for.
  3. I don't know what I'm missing here. I have never cleaned my CAC or radiator. Today, I opened the side radiator door and the rear engine access door. I can't even see the engine side of the radiator, Freightliner has the entire assembly sealed from the inside...no access at all....that I can see. There is very little debris on the outside of the radiator, not enough to even clean off. Any suggestions?
  4. My manual says put the jacks down, that's what they are for....I also have the tires on plywood on top of concrete.
  5. I have AGMs so I leave the charger on and the inverter off. No point in the inverter being on, I check the coach every few days.
  6. Why Dynamax and Forest River Motorized? In our travels we see very few of those makes/models. Many more from Newmar, REV, Tiffin and maybe Winnebago.
  7. I'm probably the only guy on the forum who has spent considerable time in the Michelin Rubber Plantation in S. VN...lots and lots of trees there. We (the US government) paid the Vietnamese for every tree we destroyed. However, I got medivaced in a Huey in Oct 1967.
  8. Before changing anything to do with transmission fluid, get it tested. The chemist that helped developed transynd, says as long as it tests good, it is good for life.
  9. The owner's manual should give very specific and detailed instructions on how to set up your car to tow.
  10. My local Freightliner dealer tried to charge me 10% of the total bill for "shop supplies." She said it's the new owner's policy. She finally said she could reduce it a little, and did. The new owner is Doggett....owns nine Freightliner dealers in AR and TX. I don't much like mine....no appointments, no apparent method for sequencing drive ins, expensive, could not find the plug in the rear of the engine compartment to insert his computer (a $35 charge), not to well versed in trouble shooting (I ended up diagnosing one issue by standing in the shop and watching), if you drop the coach and wait, count on it being an all day experience. https://www.doggettfreightliner.com/
  11. Check the sidewall. My Continentals say "Made in USA," Toyos say, "Made in Japan."
  12. Freightliner dealers are unpredictable....some will work on your RV, some will not, apparently it's up to the dealer as to who they can service. I've had one who would not say he would not work on a MH, but said we would be 15th in line, and it would probably be a couple of days. Translation, "go away."
  13. I'm with you, no Chinese tires for me....one bad experience is enough. However, same goes for Michelin...one bad experience (a set of tires) plus they are very expensive, even with the FMCA discount. Last summer I put Continentals on the front and Toyos on the rear....couldn't get the correct size to put Toyos on the front.
  14. As few miles as most of us put on these beasts, I see no reason for synthetic oil. Plus, most of the truckers use standard oil and they are running lots of miles.
  15. FIVE


    We had an 09 Allegiance that did not have the right front of the frame/coach welded or bolted together...all up under the pax seat.
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