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  1. Diesel can go up a pretty good way and still below the over $4 we were paying a couple of years ago. Of course anybody driving a DP shouldn't be too concerned about fuel prices....if you are, you're in the wrong hobby.
  2. What does the owner's manual say...or not say?
  3. FIVE

    Windshield Wipers

    If you ever need just the blades, Wal Mart is the cheapest, with a big selection.
  4. FIVE

    RV heat

    Yep, slide the generator out and look at the dash from the outside...you'll be surprised what you'll see on some coaches. This coach is very good, my previous coach took most of a roll of tape and roll of insulation to plug the holes.
  5. FIVE

    Hankook Tires?

    Yes, interesting comment. However, I would take that as a compliment. If tires can stand the abuse of being on dump trucks, they must be pretty tough. I attended a seminar at a rally and the Allison Rep stated when they want to test a transmission, they use garbage trucks. He said if they can stand the abuse of handling a garbage truck, starting and stopping all day, they could certainly handle anything an RVer could do to them.
  6. FIVE


    I found a link. Looks interesting, although I did notice the RV they were using is a Foretravel. They routinely have 20,000 # tow ratings with 2,000 # tongue weight capability. As Brett noted, I doubt many off the shelf vehicles have the body strength or capability to be hauled in that manner. https://www.towtower.com/gallery/
  7. FIVE

    What gives?

    I don't think that would have made any difference, Carl. We weren't buried in muck, but the four dually wheels just sat there and spun...in "D" or "R." I unhooked the CRV, pulled off the tow equipment, the tow operator inserted a draw bar and pulled me out backwards (with me idling in "R") until the drive wheels got back on the road.
  8. FIVE

    What gives?

    I think you will find coach age is not a factor when it comes to most of us having to use RA. We've used it due to a blow out....not an age issue, and 10 days ago, when following the CG's directions, got stuck in some soft grassy muck, that required a tow from Good Sam.
  9. FIVE

    Super Bowl

    Drew Brees would have made it a better game, and he should have been there.
  10. FIVE

    ISL Engine Failure

    If they are making the 650, American Coach no longer uses it...they are all 600s.
  11. FIVE

    No electric on half the coach

    The weak link in my coach is the CB in the inverter. If not careful, and Line 1 exceeds 30 amps, that CB will trip. If Line 2 is over loaded either the CB for that line will trip or a GFI will trip.
  12. FIVE

    Use of Jacks

    Or, fill it with fuel, add a stabilizer and a biocide and let it sit. I had a diesel in a sailboat and did this for eight years, it sat from Sep to Apr, then started right up.
  13. FIVE

    Battery replacement not going so good.

    I haven't read all the fine print in this thread, but I did notice one thing....front steps and house batteries being changed. Don't know about HR, so this might be a mute point, but on my coach the chassis batteries power the steps, not the coach batteries.
  14. FIVE

    Generator or inverter

    We have friends that do this and I never could figure out why.
  15. FIVE

    Windshield washer not working

    Has your coach been in the cold weather? We had a pump for the washer freeze and break when the summer fluid was never swapped for the winter version.