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  1. Doing fine. We don't dry camp, so they do fine when on the road.
  2. I replaced eight 6 volt AGMs for three 12v AGMs. The 12 volts are a lot lighter also, so I got rid of lots of excess weight.
  3. To answer your question, yes. If you want to move up, my 14 American Eagle 45 T is for sale. This thread is coming up on being 14 years old.🙃
  4. My wife has a 16 MDX, it is not towable. The best Honda tow vehicle is a '14 and earlier CRV with either FWD or AWD. The 15s and later have the new transmission and can't be towed four down.
  5. Here's his User Name, used to post, but not much lately: dons2346
  6. It appears our forum is dying a slow death. Most of the old high time, and knowledgeable, posters are gone. I just checked, and as I type this there is only one other person on this forum. I came here from another forum, it's ''currently active users" was 216 members and 10,629 non members on the forum at that time.
  7. If it's been run hard, it could be cooling down.
  8. Try Southern Tire Mart. There are four in Houston.
  9. I do everything you are supposed to do....load the RV, weight the tires cold, compare L and R, use the higher pressure to equalize them...then take that number and add 10% to both tires, or all four when airing the duallies.
  10. Any responder will need year, make and model of your RV....most systems are different. If you put that in your signature you won't have to type it in each time you post.
  11. The safest way is to run RV anti freeze through the system. Two springs ago, Walmart was having an end of season sale on Prestone RV anti freeze. I bought 15 gallons for $15.
  12. Plugged in to charge the batteries (you don't mention what coach you have, so I don't know about the switch).....inverter off. I never turn my inverter on unless I will be using it.
  13. five


    Even when properly assembled, airing MH tires with the on board air is a PITA. You must start the engine and use high idle off and on in order for the on board system to get enough pressure to air the 22.5" tires, plus it takes a while. I tried it....then opted for the Porter-Cable.
  14. five


    Same here, a Porter-Cable, $100 on sale at Lowes.
  15. Never heard of that. The sealant doesn't know where it is, so get one that will work on what ever you wish to use it.
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