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  1. New or just keep what I have?

    If you even say you are thinking about another coach...give'll end up with another coach. BTDT, you've been bitten by the bug, go find that perfect coach!
  2. Air Filter

    Joe, been on the road, I'll check on the filters in the next couple of days. Herman, yes, a high dollar Eagle, but I'm sure the equipment is furnished by the lowest bidder.
  3. RV/Truck washing stations

    I wash mine where I keep it stored. It takes nearly 200' of hose, but I don't trust anybody with a power washer around my MH.
  4. Slow Air Leak

    Today I noticed my inner dually, street side was down to 60 lbs. Long story short, in adding air, and removing the tire pressure sensor and checking the TP, several times, the four inch valve extender unscrewed when I was trying to unscrew the TP sensor. So, I'm thinking the four inch extender has been a bit loose, resulting in the slow leak. I put a socket on the extender and tightened well as the one on the other far no leaks. What think you guys?
  5. Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    Same here, pushing the two buttons at the same time sets the water level...when you release them, that's where the new water line is.
  6. Air Filter I noted earlier, parts are very hard to find for anything Freightliner or DD. Here's what is says on my bill: Filter Kit: 082D/DDE A0000904251 Fuel/water separator cartridge: 082V/DN P551011 Under these numbers, I have a note that says, "Fuel filter kit is three filters and the fuel/separator is a Davco Fuel Pro 482 (hardware permanently mounted and the filter inside is a Donaldson P551011)."
  7. Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    We have Tecma electric toilets by Thetford. They have what they call an "Emergency Override," push and hold the flush button for six seconds, and it will flush.
  8. Air Filter

    Joe, I have three fuel filters and one fuel water separator. The filters are a PITA to get to. In my 09 Allegiance on a Spartan, the last basement opening, curb side, was a filter bay. I could sit on a stool and change the two fuel filters. On this Freightliner, the only way to get to the three filters is though the opening in the floor back in the bedroom. Then you must lay down, and it's a stretch to reach them. The fuel water separator is in the far rear, accessible by just lifting the engine access cover. The last time I changed all four, I had Freightliner do it....$410. Engine serial #: 471917S0174897. Engine build date: Dec 2012. Thanks.
  9. Roadside Assistance

    Years ago we had AAA for our vehicles, but do not have it for the MH. I have read way too many posts on different forums where AAA sent somebody who had no idea how to tow a DP, and brought a "tow truck" that in no way could even start to tow a DP.
  10. jacks not working

    Have you tried pushing down and holding the on/off button for 10 seconds or so, sometimes that resets the system.
  11. HWH/Power Gear

    I'm not sure how HWH and Power Gear are joined, but yesterday I called the HWH tech line with a simple 15 second question. The lady who answered the phone said a tech would be happy to call me in three to four weeks. Today I tried to call PG, couldn't find a number on line, so I clicked on "start a conversation," filled out the form and clicked "submit." Got an auto response saying all techs were busy, try later.
  12. Air Filter

    Thanks for the suggestions and information, guys. Brett's right in that the filter is put in by the chassis maker. Freightliner doesn't have a part in stock but will be happy to order one for $186. The problem I've seen with DD/Freightliner is that the parts all have lots of numbers and letters. My oil filter has 11 and this air filter has 10. When looking for an oil filter I found a great many that looked correct, but the part number was off by a digit or two, and thus no good. And, as Joe pointed out, each installation (motor home, OTR truck, LTL truck, etc) has a different air filter.
  13. The Freightliner tech line is very good. For one thing it a 24/7 operation, not business hours only. I called them yesterday with a question. He didn't know the answer but said he'd research it call me back...and he did.
  14. Air Filter

    Yes, thanks.
  15. Air Filter

    Does anybody with a DD 13 have the part number for the air filter? I could find every filter known to man for my Cummins ISL, but not so with this engine.