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  1. We've had better luck with small independent diesel shops than with the big name places.
  2. Since that was his first and only post....he probably won't be back.
  3. The article did not mention keys. Many RVers I know leave the keys in the ignition. Some leave them there all the time. When they leave the coach, when camping, they lock the door....and leave the keys in the ignition.
  4. Read the exact manual for that specific vehicle. There are now very few vehicles with FWD (Front WD) that can be towed four down. Notice that Bill and I both have 2014 Honda CRVs. That's the last year the CRV can be towed four down, all previous year models can be towed four down. They put the new transmission in the '15 and newer models.
  5. Use the inverter, that's what it's for...the engine will charge the batteries while running.
  6. You will love the AGMs, but, as noted above, check the settings in your controller. Last year I swapped eight 6v AGMs for three 12v AGMs...and had to make a slight change in the settings. If you have questions, call the tech line for the controller, he/she can tell you how to set it...have the number/type batteries and amp hours on hand before calling.
  7. Like everybody else, I'm ready to start complaining about how hot it is rather than how cold it is.😆
  8. Try asking your question on Roger Berke's AH forum: http://www.forum.rvhydronicheaterrepair.com/
  9. The Cav will do that to you!😄
  10. My pet peeve is when it is hung vertically on a wall, the stars are always in the upper left as seen by the viewer. After 9/11, there were so many flags hung backwards, I made copies of flag etiquette and knocked on doors and gave them to the violators or put a copy around the door where they could find it. Most were appreciative some wanted to argue.
  11. five


    Things seem really slow on the forum. Maybe I've missed some posts, but many of the regulars seem to be gone. I heard there was a problem with Wolfe10, or he had a problem with the forum, but what about jleamont, manholt, and dickandlois?? IMHO, all four provided lots of good information.
  12. five

    TPMS question

    I have cocked my exhaust so that it is canted 45 degrees to the out side of the coach. Now it does not blow on the RF tire of the toad.
  13. Strokes are bad news. The person can completely recover, partly recover or never recover....all are different. A month ago, my SIL had a bad stroke...took her to the ER, where they said she virtually died, then sent her to a specialist. The specialist did brain surgery by partly removing the back of her skull, she was 350 lbs and in bad shape. Fast forward three weeks...in a wheel chair, laughing and talking, headed to rehab. You never know.
  14. Agree...when in doubt, turn everything off. However, my Freightliner dealer does not take appointments. So I call a day prior to when I'd like to take it in and ask if they can see me the next day. If yes, I take it in and wait for it, if no, I call back another day. To date, I've never had to leave my coach for them to work on it "when they get a chance."
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