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  1. I had GS Road Service for many years. Used them twice and they were great. However, two years ago, their price doubled....so I now use FMCA....haven't needed them yet.
  2. 27 in Biloxi this morning!☹️ But it's crystal clear and forecast for 55 this afternoon.
  3. five

    Gas or Diesel

    We don't have much information on which to base data we would provide. We've had six RVs....two pulled by gas pick ups, a fifth wheel pulled by a diesel dually, a Class C gasser, and two Class A diesel pushers. The only reason I would not get another DP, is when I get so old I would want to downsize. What is your RVing experience, what RVs have you had in the past, what size are you looking to get?
  4. We are on Splendide number three....two combos and one stackable. Our first was in the "nice to have'' category. After about a month that category changed to "we'll never have another RV without one."
  5. Those RV shows are getting expensive. We went to the Mobile show two years ago (last year's was cancelled), it was under $10 and they offered free Good Sam CG guides...$30 retail. This year it was $12 each, no discount and no CG guides. They did have lots of RVs of all types.
  6. If I was buying new tires, I'd sure check around on various forums prior to buying Michelins. There are many posts about problems with them on motor homes.
  7. It's 73 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.😀
  8. Your best bet is to call the company. We've had three different Splendides in three different RVs, but I've never heard of a Bendix in an RV.
  9. As noted, lots of water is the key. Also, some of the newer coaches are coming with macerating toilets....they help as well.
  10. You are in the VA system if you are getting RXs and physicals from them. In order to 'join' you must prove service....DD214 (other than Honorable Discharge can deny benefits), proof if claiming wounded (Purple Heart on the DD 214 or certificate), proof of income if wanting medical care, and other requirements. When I was last in my VA, Nov 2021, my doc was complaining about the VA being so crowded, with many using the system and trying to get disability funds with "flaky" claims....her term, not mine.
  11. Where I store my MH has standard house power. Which is fine for me, all I plug in is my charger, and a few 60 watt old style light bulbs for winterization. If I need more heat (space heater/Aqua Hot), floor heat, or air conditioning, micro wave or similar high power appliances, I unplug the MH and fire up the generator. The OP stated he'd like to run his appliances....just have a qualified RV electrician put in 30 amp service. As noted above be sure the electrician knows that it is for an RV.
  12. It only takes one click to go directly to the forums: https://community.fmca.com/
  13. You can't just "join" the VA. And, if you qualify, they will not just start issuing you potent meds required by the OP.
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