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  1. Of course I don't use tap water....and Wally World's distilled is much cheaper than Peak's. With a little planning, mixing coolant is no problem.
  2. Agree, this Peak coolant is pretty much accepted by all heavy duty diesel manufacturers. I prefer the full strength rather than the pre-mix. With the pre-mix you are paying for a half a gallon of water.
  3. The Discovery is a good coach....good choice, enjoy it.
  4. Splendide is what is in most RVs, we are on our third. Other manufacturers make the stackable version, Whirlpool for one.
  5. I'm sure they would...it is a perfect Toad. I called and even wrote them a snail mail letter.
  6. This post is right on, there are posts all over the RV forums about Michelins and cracked sidewalls. I got rid of my Michelins at five and a half years, 30k, with plenty of tread left, for that reason. Michelin even goes so far as to post a series of pictures of cracked side walls, trying to convince us some cracks are okay. They can say what they want, but nobody in our group is going to take off on a long trip with cracked tires. No more Michelins for me. donjlong, hope you have better luck than I did.
  7. It seems that sometimes we have posters who make a post or two....then disappear.
  8. Your AGMs will probably last longer than six years....I had eight 6 volts that lasted nearly eight years. Also, some trickle chargers will maintain a fully charged battery, but will not charge it if it is below full charge.
  9. The best light weight Toad I know of is a 2014 or older Honda CRV. 2015 and newer cannot be towed, they changed the transmission.
  10. My rims have the dimensions of the rims on the inside of the rims.
  11. I've had excellent service from Trimark. They will help you if you need it, or it's easy to order parts...key fobs, etc.
  12. You don't need ERS....until you need ERS. If you shop around you can get it for about $80 year. If you ever have to have your bus towed....whatever the ERS costs, will be paid back in spades. GS currently has a sale, I just renewed for about $254, including tax, for three years.
  13. As a follow up, Good Sam has a sale, 50% off for as many as five years, on their Platinum Service....$80 for everything FMCA has for twice the price.
  14. My plan runs out in Jan, I got renewal paperwork as well. In Jan 2000, I paid $222 for three years. During that period I did not use them. The renewal rate is $159 a year or $477 for three years. I'm looking else where.
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