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  1. Shop regular stores...no need to buy "RV" furniture.
  2. The Michelin web site talks about a six year warranty, no mention of a 10 year warranty. They will say they should be changed at 10 years. Check the many RV forums, it is full of posts about Michelins cracking around five years....as my 295s did, the 315s were still okay, but I changed all of them.
  3. five

    Curves, anyone?

    And No Room.😃
  4. I had an 09 Allegiance, it was under the steps. On this coach it's in the first bay, street side.
  5. Hi Milford, PA, we used to summer at Twin Lakes...welcome to the group.
  6. We stayed eight days at Granby during and after the American Coach rally in June. Yes, the wind blows hard virtually every afternoon....sometimes out of the east, sometimes out of the west. No wind sensor can react fast enough to bring in an awning before it is ruined.
  7. five


    I would not buy a new Michelin, much less a used one.
  8. five

    economy mode

    The economy selection delays down shifting, keeping it a higher gear longer for a bit more economy. It works best in rolling country....in economy it will stay in 6th gear, if not in economy, as soon as it senses a hill or slight loss of speed, it will down shift not to lose any speed or gain back the speed lost.
  9. I think the rules have changed and 24k is now permitable on the dually wheel axle.
  10. five

    coolant change

    The chassis maker decides whether or not to use a coolant filter, and puts it on if required. When I first got this coach, Freightliner was adamant about using non ELC coolant. Now they say you can use either ELC or standard coolant, because both should be changed at 100k or five years. I use the Herman method of putting the coolant in. The only difference is when it's getting nearly full, I had half a gallon of each, slowly. When I changed my coolant, nobody....engine maker, chassis maker or REV Group had any idea the capacity of the system. There "guesses" ranged from 32 gallons to 24 quarts....actual capacity is 15/16 gallons.
  11. Yes, manager or owner....most clerks could care less.
  12. RV parks are getting more like hotels/motels, it's a good idea to have a reservation. The bad part is most will charge the full amount when you make the reservation. I recently made seven reservations, five charged the full amount, one wanted my CC number but would wait until we got there to charge the card, and one wanted nothing but my word that I would let them know ASAP if I had to cancel.
  13. I'm on my second set of Blue Ox, no problems.
  14. I'd have the transmission fluid tested before doing any service to it. I have mine checked annually....get a report of all the chemicals/fluids that are in it.
  15. It's all part of the GPS, just like all the features found on a normal GPS.
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