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  1. Same here and only use this account for the card.
  2. If very windy, I worry more about the slide toppers than anything else.
  3. Hopefully, Thor will leave Tiffin alone.
  4. I've had both, no problems with either one, and one was no better than the other. Find the floor plan you like and go from there.
  5. There seems to be a rash of very old posts....10 or more years.
  6. It seems to me, that Michelin does fine on cars and pickups. But there has been a rash of problems with Michelins on MHs....including mine. Mine cracked badly at five and a half years. Always covered, always put 303 on them, always properly inflated....just cracked, and I'll never use them again on any vehicle.
  7. Ditto to what Carl said. If there is doubt, check the owner's manual then call the manufacturer....compare the results.
  8. five

    Mixing Tires sizes

    I really don't know what the big deal is here. My post made at 9:51 AM yesterday was a copy and paste from their website. Obviously things have changed and Hankooks are no longer available....end of discussion.
  9. five

    Mixing Tires sizes

    As noted in my post, I copied that information today from the website.
  10. As seems to be the usual, the contract is confusing. Here's what my contract with them says, this is located on the first sheet of the policy, right under "expiration date."....in the first paragraph, "benefits are for the vehicle listed.'' That vehicle is on the last page, number four, of this document. However, farther down in the same paragraph it says in bold print, "additional vehicles are eligible for road side assistance only." So that would seem to include your TT....better call them to be sure.
  11. five

    Mixing Tires sizes

    This is from an FMCA web site search. Apparently Hankook, according to other members, is no longer available, if so, FMCA needs to change the web site: 1 result(s) were found for your search term. RV Tires - FMCA Tire Program | FMCA Save on RV tires with the FMCA Tire Program. Shop Michelin RV tires, Hankook RV tires, Continental RV tires and more. Keywords: rv tires, rv tires near me, rv tire covers, michelin rv tire, hankook rv tire, continental rv tire, fmca tire program
  12. I'm not "implying" anything, I'm reporting what the CDC has said. Anybody that really thinks all the deaths are Covid is a bit naive. Everybody has heard of the person in his/her 90s, with a half a dozen ailments gets the Covid and the Covid is reported as cause of death....doesn't compute. How 'bout the guy with Covid in a fatal car wreck...COD Covid.
  13. five

    Mixing Tires sizes

    There are other tires in the FMCA program besides the two mentioned. Like many, I will not put Michelins on my MH and was looking for Continentals for my six rear tires. Couldn't find them in 295/80 so I got Toyos in the correct size and still cheaper than the Continentals with the FMCA "discount."
  14. The CARES Act provides money to hospitals for each Covid death.
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