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  1. Carl....when plugged into shore power, your charger should charge the house batteries and when they get to 13.3 volts, the Big Boy should open and the chassis batteries should get charged. When driving the same thing occurs except the batteries are reversed....the chassis batteries are charged, when they get to 13.3 volts, the Big Boy opens and the house batteries are charged. Doesn't your Tradition work that way?
  2. If using a Freightliner facility, if at all possible, use an "Oasis" facility. They have a section dedicated to RVs. The problem with all Freightliner facilities is that they are directed by their corporate to work on chassis items only. So if you have a problem with both, they will fix the chassis, then say you have to have somebody else do the coach. My experience is the individuals are pretty flexible, and will help you out if possible.
  3. These coaches are all different. If I release the brake and select "D" I will get a chirping sound if the Travel light on the Valid is flashing and not solid green in the full "travel" mode.
  4. Once I rescewed the screws, all worked fine!😄
  5. My CRV lights did not work at all during our last trip. In the course of trouble shooting, I slid the head back on the metal piece on the flex cord, CRV side, that attaches the CRV to the MH. When I slide the head back, three screws attaching wires to the head, fell out and on the ground. Another example of high quality work on RV products.
  6. We had a Husky 5th wheel hitch we used to pull a 16k Montana. The Husky did not have jaws, it had a bar that slid behind the pin on the trailer. Once the bar was behind the pin, no way it could come loose unless there was a serious failure of equipment.
  7. Call Good Sam. They'll shop around for you to find the best deal.
  8. I'd check with the insurance company. My insurance company lists only me and the D/W as drivers....and she refuses to drive it anyway.
  9. "Retired" is really a misnomer. "Retirees (those who spend at least 20 years in the military and draw retired pay) can be recalled to active duty for life. However, the policy established in DOD Directive 1352.1 - Management and Mobilization of Regular and Reserve Retired Military Members, makes the recall to active duty unlikely for those who have been retired for more than five years, and those over age 60."
  10. I have quite a bit of personal experience with Michelins and where they are grown. Back in 1967, I spent many days and nights (not pleasant nights) in the Michelin Rubber Plantation adjacent to Dau Tieng, SVN. For everyone that we "damaged" the US had to pay the SVN government a set amount as a fee.
  11. Try here, this is the latest, covers the tire, not the center part, held on by bungee type cords. We had five of their window shades on our last coach, have six tire covers for this one: www.magneshade.com
  12. I got an end cap from Carefree....$38 plus shipping. If you need the spindle and bearing ascent assembly inside the end cap, that's another $26.
  13. I refused to use Progressive until the wacko owner died several years ago.
  14. Start at the second post, and read on....
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