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  1. $950 is a steal, even for an older coach. Get another estimate and compare price versus coverage.
  2. I can appreciate what your wife is experiencing. I was diagnosed with CLL, supposedly due to two tours in VN, in Feb 17. Totally dormant until Nov 2023 when I had a huge egg sized lump on my neck...had four treatments of Rituximab....I guess it's dormant again until it raises it ugly head. My wife decided it was time to sell the coach, got an appraisal, and listed it below the appraised value on Jan 7, 2024. So far we've had one serious offer/accepted then he couldn't get financing, and one looker....that's it. The MH market is terrible. I've had many offers $100k below the asking price. Fortunately we don't 'need' the money, so it's still on the market.
  3. Unless the word "bad" precedes it, investment is a word not normally used in conjunction with an RV. As for the two coaches, most MH manufacturers will mate an appropriate engine to a chassis. So the 340 will probably do fine with the Winnie, and the 450 will probably do fine with the Newmar.
  4. Don't know what year your MB is, but most new cars have gone to the new CVT (continuously variable transmission), and FWD models cannot be towed four down. As noted above, your best bet is read what the owner's manual says....and not what the salesman says.
  5. We had an OEM rock guard. Used it for a couple of years and finally took it off. It dragged going in and out of some CGs, and did not do a good job protecting the toad. So I don't have an answer for you, other than trying the ''big brush" idea.
  6. Go to a ''real'' battery shop and ask them. I got my last house and starter batteries at Interstate. The house batteries have a three year full replacement warranty.
  7. Toyos are not on the FMCA discount program....but they are a better, longer lasting tire than Michelin, and way cheaper...regardless of discount.
  8. Good move, the AGMs are great. I would not get Lithiums until they come way way down, and I don't have to figure out how to change my charging system to use them. It seems I recall where they also have a problem if it is real cold or real hot....don't remember.
  9. Doing fine. We don't dry camp, so they do fine when on the road.
  10. I replaced eight 6 volt AGMs for three 12v AGMs. The 12 volts are a lot lighter also, so I got rid of lots of excess weight.
  11. To answer your question, yes. If you want to move up, my 14 American Eagle 45 T is for sale. This thread is coming up on being 14 years old.🙃
  12. My wife has a 16 MDX, it is not towable. The best Honda tow vehicle is a '14 and earlier CRV with either FWD or AWD. The 15s and later have the new transmission and can't be towed four down.
  13. Here's his User Name, used to post, but not much lately: dons2346
  14. It appears our forum is dying a slow death. Most of the old high time, and knowledgeable, posters are gone. I just checked, and as I type this there is only one other person on this forum. I came here from another forum, it's ''currently active users" was 216 members and 10,629 non members on the forum at that time.
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