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  1. Knee Replacement

    He did one at one year....found a big black precancerous polyp...then went to two years...then went to three years. Last one I had he said come back in five years. It's pretty bad when you know the pre-procedure nurses, and they recognize you!
  2. Communicating while driving a Class A

    I would try the engine compartment insulation. Lots of boaters use it, we did in a sailboat that had an inboard diesel. Lots of information on boating sites.
  3. Knee Replacement

    I guess...can't imagine a colonoscopy with nothing! My doc likes to put me to sleep, and be sure I stay asleep for my C's. My Dad died of colon cancer, so I had my ninth in March of this year.
  4. $12k....I wouldn't even consider that!
  5. Buying new Class C

    It's whatever is on the registration and title that count.
  6. 2016 GMC terrain

    We have friends that pull one with an 08 American Eagle, it does's a 4 x 4, which I think is a requirement to tow four down.
  7. What tire if price no concern

    My set up (315s on the front and 295s on the rear) is OEM. The reason is the front axle is 17k....the rears are 20k dually and 12k tag. The dually axle is actually 25k, but the axle rating is based on the lowest rated component....thus the 20k rating. I have a friend with an 08 Eagle, it came off the line and to him with the front axle over GAWR. He swapped out the axle, at his expense.
  8. Tandems are generally more stable because there are four wheels on the ground rather than two. One of the greatest weaknesses of towed trailers are the cheap Chinese tires the manufacturers like to use. We found out the hard way with a 38' 5th wheel.
  9. What tire if price no concern

    When I planned to swap out the tires on our first coach, I thought I'd keep the best tire as a spare. However, we went with this Eagle before the last coach needed tires....the problem I have now is that there are 315s on the front and six 295s on the rear. I really don't want to lug around two spares.
  10. What tire if price no concern

    True. We spent five and a half hours on the side of the road because the emergency road service could not find a 295/80 tire. He said "the truckers don't use them, so there are not many around." He finally found one...for $800.
  11. We have a heat pump on our rear unit....very seldom use it. Much quieter to use the Aqua Hot (on electric) and/or floor heat.
  12. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    We aren't much of REV fans anymore either. However, still lots of good folks at the rallies as well as all the usual vendors.
  13. Ditto, same make same model. Never go wrong with a Honda product.
  14. Flat Tow Tow Bar Choices

    I'm on my second Blue Ox, never had a problem. Also, they are made in Nebraska.
  15. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Where is "here?" I'm at home getting me and the coach ready for a trip to Spearfish, SD, to the ACA rally in August...they are usually very good, are you going?