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  1. Go to any forum and search for Michelins....they seem to be fine for cars and pick ups, but there are a great many RVers who changed them early due to cracking side walls. Mine cracked at five and a half years and 34k. Plenty of tread left and yes, they were covered in the CGs and in a barn when not travelling. Replaced them with Continentals on the front and Toyos on the back.
  2. No jest....I was thinking Class A diesels....since that used to be the main coach in FMCA. Forest River is not in the top five....Tiffin, Newmar, REV (Fleetwood), Thor and Jayco (Entegra).
  3. The Army is also looking for a replacement for the M240.... https://taskandpurpose.com/news/army-m240-machine-gun-replacement/
  4. Glad you got a great deal....keep and eye on those Michelins.
  5. Get two new 12v...as noted, the bad one will drag the good one down.
  6. Those of you that are members of SMART....have you checked out the June issue of the FMCA Magazine? On page 78 there is an article entitled, "SMART FMCA Chapter Wins First Place In Chapter Fair." There is a picture with two men standing in front of a table, with a row of American Flags displayed around the top of the table. All the flags are mounted backwards, with the stars in the wrong corner. I sent an email to FMCA yesterday, but haven't gotten a reply yet. Here's the last sentence of my email: "Surely somebody in SMART or FMCA knows the correct way to hang our flag. After 24 years on active duty, I'm embarrassed for everybody involved with this article."
  7. It would be lots easier to help if you added your coach, it's year, make, model, equipment, toad, etc, to your signature. Telling us it's a "Fleetwood" is not much help!😆
  8. We got a check engine light after climbing from PHX to Flagstaff (1,100' to 7,000'). The fan came on several times, but it never over heated. Called Freightliner and DD, both said take it to Freighliner in Albuquerque to get checked. ABQ would be happy to help us in 18 days. Got a recommendation for a big rig repair shop in Grants, NM. Basically the SCR is not working correctly along with some other issues. The diagnosis is to replace the "One Box." One of the serious problems is the DD is configured with all emission controls permanently attached to the One Box. Other engines, Cummins, Cat and probably others, have all components in the One Box accessible and can be changed individually. With all the components attached to the DD's One Box, the entire Box must be changed. It is about 3' x 3' x 3' and 150 pounds. On my Eagle it goes in the far rear basement, curb side. They ordered one, got it half installed and found it was cracked, so they ordered another. We've been here over two weeks and have another two to go.
  9. That's for sure! We've been stranded in Grants, NM, for two weeks awaiting emission control parts. Over the years, we've had three check engine lights, and when the dust settles on this one, the total costs will be pushing $25k.
  10. Your new tires should have come with a TP chart....so much TP based on the weight the tire is carrying. I take the weight on the chart, it always falls between to weights, use the larger value and add %10.
  11. Sounds like a job well done. A few years ago at a rally, several of us helped an member get a new residential refer in his coach. We did not remove the front TV...he now has a new front TV!☹️
  12. JMHO, but I would stay away from Michelins. There are many examples of RVers having to change them out due to side wall cracking....mine at five and a half years and 33,000 miles. They are over priced and over rated.
  13. five

    Screw In Tire

    Took the RV to STM this AM. They pulled the nail, actually a short screw, there was no air leak and a short screw. The screw was in the thick part of the rubber, so I was good to go, and no charge.
  14. five

    Screw In Tire

    This AM I went to Southern Tire Mart...with my phone and a couple of pictures...not the MH. Tech said if it was a steer tire it should be changed, but with a tag tire, the rules are a bit more lenient. He's going to call when they have an opening in the next few days to pull the tire and check it...and hopefully plug it.
  15. five

    Screw In Tire

    I was checking my tires today and saw a screw in the outside edge of the curb side tag axle tire. I checked the TP and it has not lost any air. My question is are these big 22.5" tires treated the same way as a car/light truck tire regarding screws on the edge of the tire? I know if this screw was that far to the edge of my toad tire, it would require replacing the tire. These tires are less than three years old and have about 15k on them....rears are Toyo 295/80R22.5" and I have not attempted to remove the screw. I bought them from Southern Tire Mart, about a half mile from where I store the coach.
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