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  1. FIVE

    Sumitomo tires

    That's what I put on my steer axle last summer. $517.81 at Southern Tire Mart....I think that's the FMCA price, it does include all taxes except sales tax.
  2. The deal was all eight were to be Continentals. I have no problem with them. In fact both my vehicles at home have Continentals on them. However, due to some miscommunication, they didn't have 295/80s Continentals in stock, so they put on 295/75s. They were very nice about it, changed out the six rear tires and actually lowered my cost. The Toyos were cheaper even when the Continentals had the FMCA discount.
  3. Carl, why would the windshield blind work off AC power? They should run off the chassis batteries like the windshield wipers.
  4. To answer the question in the subject, I signed up with FMCA ERS on 1/20/20 for three years at $74 a year. So yes, the price has gone up. It is called the FMCA Roadside Rescue Program.
  5. It's a long story, here's the Cliff Notes version. The tire company put Continentals all around. I didn't like the ones on the rear (they put on 295/75s), so they swapped out the six Continentals, 295/80s were not in stock, for 295/80 Toyos.
  6. I don't care what you do, Carl....you're going to lose.😟
  7. If you have a washer/dryer, don't forget to check the outside vent. My coach has a flap that opens when the dryer is on, blowing air out. Last year the mud daubers built a nest on the outside of the flap, that was so big, it would not open. The flap is tucked inside a small indentation on the side of the MH, and, when open it hits the outside wall of the MH. In this case the nest prevented the flap opening at all. I now have three Walmart bags rolled up and stuffed in the small opening in the side of the MH. As an aside, the reason I was checking this vent was because our dryer had just broken the belt. The Splendide tech was not sure if the heat not expelled would have caused the belt to break. Regardless, no operational vent didn't do it any favors.
  8. I hate to see threads like this. I'm afraid some govt employee from the IRS will see this and decide they are missing a golden opportunity to tack another license and associated fees on the already over burdened consumer/tax payer. The IRS does not miss many occasions to generate revenue.
  9. Same here, Carl, it's good you finally got some adult supervision.😂
  10. - I normally use the electric preheat that came with the coach and do not use the AH for engine preheat. - Normal driving will heat the coach water, none of the AH items need to be turned on. Driving will also provide coach heat by just activating the coach thermostat and call for heat. - Most of us have AH 450 or 400 models. If the coach heat is running, and hot water is turned on, the coach heat will stop until the demand for hot water has stopped. These two AHs have single heating elements. The AH 650, has two elements and you can have both coach heat and hot water at the same time. - Wayne, $350 seems a bit high. Lloyd DeGerald, one of the AH gurus, goes to our AC rallies and does the full service, with parts, for $200.
  11. I read Dave Grossman's bio, interesting guy.
  12. Last summer I swapped eight cracked five and a half year old Michelins for two Continentals and six Toyos.
  13. As a follow up, the link said to add a pint of "Powercool (now called Pencool) 3000 System After Treatment (p/n PIC23507854." I got a bottle of the additive this morning from Freightliner for less than $7. I will add it to the cooling system, and check it after I've put some miles on the coach. Again, I appreciate your help, Joe. The DD tech did not know about this bulletin when I called last month.
  14. Check dealers other than Michelin. Most other tires will be cheaper than Michelin even with their discount.
  15. Great, thanks a lot, Joe. I'm going to copy the link and give a copy to my tech.
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