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  1. FIVE

    Jeep "death wobble"

    If I was in the market for a toad, Jeep would not be on the list until Jeep, or somebody, can prove the 'wobble issue' is fixed...for sure fixed.
  2. FIVE

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    A few years ago we were camped in Grove, OK, in a 5th wheel and needed a part. Called Newell, they had it, so we drove up to Miami. The receptionist had a chalk board behind her desk with a list of owners for whom they were currently building coaches. We recognized most of them....race car drivers.
  3. FIVE

    Annual RV Insurance

    Call Good Sam, they have folks who will find you the best rate. I did that last June and GS got me a rate, with the same coverage I had, with the same company I had...for $500 less. Go figure.
  4. FIVE

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Carl, Amer Coach quit using Diamond Shield a few years ago and now (at least my '14) has Dura Shield. http://durashieldppfs.com/
  5. FIVE

    Another Goodyear Tire Failure Saga

    Goodyear has nerve putting three year old tires on a brand new trailer.
  6. I have a similar crack got on our last trip. It starts at the bottom, goes up about eight inches, then turns toward the pass seat for another three inches. Novus sealed it for $60. Tech said if it starts again to call him and he'd do it again.
  7. FIVE

    Thousand Trails Membership Worth It ?

    We had a TT membership and did not renew it. In addition to the comments above, it seemed whenever we went to a TT park, all the really good spaces were occupied by empty RVs....owned by the locals.
  8. FIVE

    Winterize black tank & fresh tank

    That's what I do, and just drain the fresh water.
  9. FIVE

    looking at 2014 -2016 winnebago tour

    The Ventana is not in the same class or price range as the Mountain Aire or Tour.
  10. FIVE

    ISX valve failures

    Carl, I can only address Amer Coach, but in 2013 through 2018 the ISX was 600...excluding model year 2014, when AC did not offer an ISX. Cummins came out with the 605 in 2016, but AC just started using it (as a 605 and not a 600) in 2019 model year. We saw the new 605 at Spearfish in August. A number of our members have the 650 in earlier model coaches, usually Heritages, and have had problems.
  11. FIVE

    ISX valve failures

    I read on one of the forums that several years ago Cummins finally admitted the ISX had valve problems. They fixed it by changing the ISX from 650 HP to 600 HP plus some internal changes.
  12. FIVE

    Tire pressure

    The tire manufacturers have a manual that explains the TP for use based on the tire size, weights, single or dually. Easy to use. I take that weight and add 10%. Bing the tire manufacturer and see if you can download that manual.
  13. FIVE

    Registration on vehicles

    That depends on a couple of things. Where are you going to live and how big a gamble are you willing to make to register and tag a vehicle in a state in which you do not live? Some folks like to establish an LLC in Montana. Several people in my state did that, and saved lots of money until the local police began to question why there were so many big RVs with Montana tags. Long story short, the people that lived here but tagged their RVs in Montana paid all the back taxes they avoided but owed (sales, personal property, late fees), paid all the fees (licenses) they avoided, and paid big time fines. If the question is where can you live with the cheapest RV fees, that's a different issue.
  14. FIVE

    Portable Scales

    Don't know the name of the scale, but the only time we've ever found a portable scale was at an Amer Coach rally, where they brought in a vendor.
  15. FIVE

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    We've been all over Texas and the worst love bugs seemed to be in the SE part of the state. A few years ago we went from League City (SE of Houston, in Brett's territory) to Rockport, down just NE of Corpus. The bugs hitting the front of the coach sounded like, and reminded me of, a previous life when some unfriendly folks were firing AK47s at me and my windshield...both sounded the same, and quite similar.☹️