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  1. FIVE

    Generator or inverter

    We have friends that do this and I never could figure out why.
  2. FIVE

    Windshield washer not working

    Has your coach been in the cold weather? We had a pump for the washer freeze and break when the summer fluid was never swapped for the winter version.
  3. FIVE

    Tyron Bands

    That sounds good but it will never work. In order to teach somebody what to do in an emergency you have to do it, it cannot be learned watching a movie. It must be practiced over and over and over, and become a conditioned response, the basic MH driver cannot do. We do it all the time in the aviation business. Especially in a helicopter, if the engine quits, immediate action must be taken or your helicopter will have all the flying characteristics of a brick. Training is accomplished in a helicopter with dual controls with the instructor and simulating an engine failure. At the start of training the student will be a bit slow to react, thus the dual controls and the instructor on board to take immediate action. However, once trained, the student pilot will act immediately. We don't have the capability to do that in our MHs thus stepping on the accelerator will never be a conditioned response.
  4. FIVE

    Debris Damage to Toads

    There's no telling what will be on the road. Several years ago, while travelling on a relatively empty interstate, we heard a noise from the rear of the coach. We looked around and checked all the gauges, everything looked good. When we got to the CG and were setting up, the DW came up to the front and said, "you need to come look at this." The foot off the right rear stabilizer was gone. Some how it missed the toad....and any body following us.
  5. FIVE

    Tyron Bands

    I don't think so. Both hands were already on the wheel (crossing a narrow bridge), so my first instinct and action was to get rid of the speed, thus tap the cruise off. That was accomplished instantly...in no more than a second or two. I would encourage people to experiment the next time they are out on a freeway. When at a normal cruise, on a flat road, floor the accelerator. Virtually nothing will happen initially...no acceleration, no increase in speed, no feeling of being pushed back in the seat, no increase in engine RPM...nothing. Of course after a few minutes the speed will increase. I can assure you, after a blowout, flooring the accelerator and waiting for the coach to increase speed or gain forward thrust will be the last thing on your mind. Maintain control, slow down and get off the road and on the shoulder.
  6. FIVE

    Efficient Navigation

    The Garmin will send you the route that meets the criteria you have told it you want...no interstates, shortest route, fastest route, etc.
  7. FIVE

    washer dryer detergent

    Good advice from earlier posters....use HE, and much less than you would in the stick house. We have had three Splendides, all worked flawlessly.
  8. This confirms my earlier decision to buy my DEF from WalMart or other similar locations, in 2 1/2 gallon containers. At least I know the DEF is good....how to protect against DEF in the diesel is another issue.
  9. FIVE

    Poor Starting after Replacing Fuel Filters

    Have no idea. All three filters and the fuel/water separator were changed about three months and 2,000 miles before the problem.
  10. FIVE

    Electric Steps Won't Come Out

    Same here. I have a spread sheet keeping track of items that need to be done, monthly, semi annually, and annually.
  11. FIVE

    Poor Starting after Replacing Fuel Filters

    I had a similar issue to the OP's two years ago. The three fuel filters were fine, but the fuel/water separator had partially lost prime. It would start, barely, and run rough.
  12. Carl, we had a similar issue. The fix was swapping out the mixing valve....got to it by prying off the panel in back of the shower. We have a 45T, might be different for you.
  13. FIVE

    Texas home

    Overall, the Texas tax system is better than most. In AR, we pay state income tax, sales tax 9.75% (11.625% else where), personal property tax, and my favorite, an ad valorem tax. On the latter tax, they charge a percentage of what your cars, truck, boats, RVs are worth....every year. When I retired from Uncle Sam's Army, my plan was to retire near a military base in a no tax state....I'm zero for two.
  14. FIVE

    RV Discount Camping Options

    I've been a member of Passport for about eight years, but I"m not renewing. For me, it's gotten to be too much of a hassle, constant changes of additions and deletions and the many restrictions noted above. Yes, I've gotten my money back each year, but I'm to the point of not willing to keep up with everything and doing the research looking for CGs.
  15. FIVE

    Texas home

    If those are your choices, for me that's a no brainer and I've been to both...Hill Country for sure, rolling countryside, some trees and a big city close by if you need it.. IMHO, W. Texas has no redeeming qualities.