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  1. I just got new tires at STM also. Continentals on the front and Toyos on the rear. Excellent pricing....FMCA rate on the front and 21% off the rear. Due to a mix up on the rear tires, the wrong size were installed....partly my fault and partly STM's fault....they gave me a full refund on the incorrect tires, put the Toyos on with the discount and reduced all the mounting fees by 50%.
  2. Your first course of action is to tap vigorously on the gauge itself....sometimes that works in an airplane.
  3. If the manual says you can do it, you're okay. We have friends with a similar vehicle and tow it four down.
  4. Two comments....first, I considered using the engine for airing up the tires...way too much trouble. I bought a Porter-Cable AC powered pump at Lowes for $100 that does the job with no hassle and no need to fire up the coach. As for charging batteries. Here's how mine work....shore sower charges house batteries until charge rate reaches 13.3, then the Charger Relay opens and allows the charge to go through to the chassis batteries. When driving....the opposite occurs, the engine charges the chassis batteries until they reach 13.3, the relay opens and the charge goes through to the coach batteries. The bottom line is to call Integra and ask how your batteries are being charged.
  5. The bottom line is that if your coach is totaled, the insurance company will pay the insured value or blue book value, which ever is lower. I've heard others give different opinions on this forum. The preceding information was given to me by two different reps of two different insurance companies.
  6. Yes, this is supposed to be on of the benefits of being an FMCA member.
  7. I find it hard to believe there are 3,000 people answering the telephones for Emer Services....all at the same time. Also, I've been told that many of the ES providers work for, and will go and do what they are asked by any ES service. So, regardless of your ES is, you are liable to get the same provider.
  8. FIVE

    Air Leak

    If it's not one thing....it's another. This past week end I was doing some work on the coach and noticed the 12v air pump coming on every 30 to 45 minutes, and running for a minute or two. When I left, I pulled the circuit breaker for the pump. Today, I went back to check on it and the coach was three inches lower on the curb side than the street side. It's plugged in, jacks up, slides in and I did not ''air level'....just backed in and shut it down. I know the air lines run down the curb side and are red (front/secondary) and green (rear/primary), and that a spray bottle with soapy water is a good way to detect a leak. I'm looking for trouble shooting suggestions as to where to start and what is most likely leaking....a fitting, hose, pump, etc. Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. FIVE

    tire covers

    You can find white covers at any RV supply store and at lots of dealers....and some Wal Marts. IMHO, the neatest covers are made by Magne Shade. They are black Sunbrella, shaped like the tire (hole in the middle), cover the whole tire and held on by bungee cords. I had five of their window covers on a previous coach and have six tire covers for this one. Top quality products. www.magneshade.com
  10. Agree. I have three axles and three different tire pressures. Each axle should have tire pressure noted in the appropriate manual using the heavy side of the axle. Most people add 10 lbs or 10% to that number. My Michelins were cracking at six and a half years, so I just had 315 Continentals put on the front and 295/80s Toyos on the rear.
  11. FIVE

    New Tires

    I appreciate all the responses to my question. As noted, my previous experience has been like most of yours, all my previous duallies have had the valves directly opposite and across from each other. Having said that, Monday morning I called Michelin, Continental and Toyo. All agreed with tireman9 that the position of the two air valves is irrelevant. One engineer at Toyo explained that weight/balance is not an issue and as long as there are no kinks in the inner dually extension, and both are easily accessible to check the tire pressure....and add air if necessary, the valves can be anywhere. Then I went to the shop that installed the tires, a national company, and told the the shop foreman I just had some RV tires installed and asked how the valves were usually located when installing dually tires. He never hesitated and said, "across from each other." I told him about my tires and the location of the valves...I took the MH in today and they moved the outside dually so the valves are now across from each other. Maybe a wasted effort, but at least they did not charge me. However, upon getting back to where I store the MH, being the old pilot I am, I checked the company's work. The entire dually hub was about to fall off, it had never been other than hand tightened. I tightened it with a strap wrench. It seems to be getting more difficult to find competent service providers in all types of work.
  12. I purchased my tires through Continental. Very easy all I did was give them my FMCA card, they made a copy....that was it. I did talk to Michelin, they made it sound very complicated and since my last Michelins cracked and split at six years, I ruled them out. Jim, I don't know how AH 12 compares to AH 37, but if the aspect ratio is different....that second number of the tire size....your gauges will all read incorrectly.
  13. FIVE

    New Tires

    Last week I had eight new tires put on. Two 315/80 Continentals on the front and six 295/80 Toyos on the rear. Today I was checking the tire pressures and noticed that the two valves for the street side duallys are adjacent rather than directly across from each other. This is my third dually, and the first time I've seen the tire guys not put the valve stems across from each other. I realize there is not much weight involved with two air valves on about 250 pounds of tire, but was curious as to whether this is an acceptable way of installation. Comments appreciated. Thanks.
  14. What unit were you in at Fort Sill.....1/12 Lance?
  15. FIVE


    I don't know what the normal cost is, but we had three windows fixed at an American Coach Rally in May. Rally price was $200 per window...and one died on the way home and they refunded the cost for that one.
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