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  1. I have a 50 amp EMS Load Meter. On the left side of the panel it shows service type. I connect my 50 amp power cord to shore power and turn on breaker. The meter panel shows 30 amps. It started this a couple of months ago. Prior to that it always showed 50 amps. Connection problems??
  2. Interesting forum. My ATS is not detecting 50 amp from shore power. Would like to inspect the connections inside. How do I remove the ATS face panel without tearing it off? Thanks
  3. Thanks all for the feedback. Pinellas County Tax Collector website (where I plan to live) states that if you are out of state and have owned the vehicle more than six months no sales tax collected. Of course it does not say if that includes no sales tax states like Montana. We'll see.
  4. I purchased a motor home in Nevada last year and registered it in Montana (no sales tax). I am contemplating moving to Florida this year. I was told that if you own motor home for longer than six months Florida will not charge sales tax on the vehicle. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? If not I guess I will find out when I call DMV. Thanks for your feedback.
  5. Hi all, First time RVer. Just purchased a 2006 Monaco Diplomat 40 PDQ. I will be towing a 2006 Scion xb with an Acme tow dolly. Any advice or precautions I should be aware before I hit the road. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.
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