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  1. Seems everyone agree's on this subject. I will get them all balanced. I will work on date codes. Maybe I'll have them shipped in and check date codes before actual purchase. Thanks so much for your replies and advice.
  2. I got prices from 2 local truck tire dealers. One of them was part of the Michelin advantage program. I was getting a quote for Bridgestone R268 Ecopia's. One quote included balancing for only the front 2 tires. When I asked he said they don't ever do the rears? Is this correct? I was also told that they cannot guarantee the date codes on the tires. My tires are not a popular size, and they may be last years date code. 245/75R22.5. Because the tires are stored indoors, he said date code should not affect tire life. Open to opinions of more experienced tire buyers here. Thanks in advance for your input.
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