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Trimark RV Door Lock Information

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I decided to replace the entry door lock and dead bolt system on the Coach as it was acting up at times. The door handle was catching a little and to get it to rotate to open the door it needed to be wiggled just a little to position the handle so it would rotate freely. When it catches, I have a feeling one could brake off one of the pins that allow the handle to rotate and release the spring loaded  door latch.

Note, as has been mentioned by some members of the Forum, if you find your self locked inside it is difficult to remove the inside screws. It helps to have a right angle Phillips screw driver to remove the one screw tucked behind the screen door frame. The real problem is releasing the latch from the door frame pin. A locksmith might be able to drill a hole in the proper location to get enough pressure on the right spot to force the locking spring to release. This is not a simple issue. 

So my thought is to be proactive and just replace item when there is any indication of a possible problem no mater how small it may be !

One sure wants the door to open in a emergency.

NOTE! The New external portion of the door lock is not lubricated well. So you should oil the handle pivot pin points, the Lock Set(There was no oil inside the tumbler assembly)and the latching paul  that is not removed and is reused and always order a new exterior seal. The part is not shipped with mounting screws !!!

The second item that needs to be addressed. The exterior portion is not really threaded well, as the unit can be shipped to countries where Metric is common or the US where English threads are the standard. Mine where 8 X 32 screws and are reused.  

I called the factory and all the items needed where in stock. They will ask for some numbers off the OEM part and tell you where they are located. Not a bad job if one is a little handy.

TriMark Service & Replacement Parts
1970 N. Linn Ave., Whse L
New Hampton, IA 50659

Toll Free: 1-800-431-8616
Fax: 641-394-1515
Email: trimarkparts@trimarkcorp.com


TriMark RV door locks

              Complete Catalog link


                        Page link for RV door hardware


                        Distributor link



www.austinhardware.com  There Hardware outlet locations by state.



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